SnC 077 – Wed 8 Aug 2007


Still recovering from the weekend. Friday The Parlour Sessions first night, then the Rhythm Festival near Bedford. I was filming Terry Reid  (right) during the afternoon as well as his performance which closed the festival second stage on Saturday. It was am astoundingly powerful show and even featured his old friend Mick Taylor (ex Bluesbreakers and Rolling Stones guitarist) who joined him for three numbers.Eventually left the venue at 1:15 for a two hour drive home. Almost like being back on the road.IntroHappy – Jimmie Bratcher (Missouri, USA)www.jimmiebratcher.comLos Angeles – The CreamSicles (New York, USA)Lush guitar chords are punctuated by syncopated bass lines and heart pounding drum grooves. The lyrics are about the freedom and loneliness of the road and the alienation of a stranger in a strange land.The CreamSicles debut album The Perfect Girl was released in September 2006. Recorded at Monster Island Studios in New York City and engineered by Mike Caffrey. One week after it"s release Jonathan Clarke of Q104.3 (the #1 Rock station in NY) played it on the new music show Out of the Box and the band was featured in AM NY, the most circulated daily newspaper in NY. They played several festivals this summer including the Guinness Festival in Riverside Park, Manhattan.Summer break then Sep 8 at Dumbo Block Party in Brooklyn and 11th at The Annex on Orchard Street, in the Lower East Side just four blocks from the excellently named Suffolk Street.www.creamsicle-music.comTout bas – Delgarma (Lyon, France)You nearly didn’t get that track, I was switching my mind about which track to play every few minutes as I listened through Delgarma’s album Que vive l’industrie which you can buy direct from their site as a CD or download from Jamendo and please leave a donation. They are currently preparing a second album and a bit of backing will doubtless help that process along. stuff -The Surefire Way (New York, USA)The Surefire Way’s blend of rock, pop, and a touch of Brazilian has been proving to be a winning combination for this NYC band. Their lyrics straddle provocative and thoughtful and the catchy guitar riffs, melodic bass lines and explosive percussion speak for themselves.www.thesurefireway.comWorld Citizen – The Conch (Melbourne, Australia)entertaining, inspiring & organising to change the world!The Conch aims to use our music to inspire struggles and the thousands of individual activists who everyday do something to improve the world. Our music comes from anger and from love and we use it to educate, agitate and help organise. Join the movement alongside The Conch.There’s lots you can do to be part of The Conch and the movements we participate in with our music, ideas and our activism. – Au Lit les Mômes (La Ferté St Aubin, France)Swing song et musette folk dingue easy kitching, FranceOn the Jamendo dub zone is at Rage – Corey Harris (Virginia, USA)   FIRST PLAYBlues and roots virtuoso Corey Harris weaves together a diverse tapestry of musical, historical, cultural, socio-political and even spiritual elements on his Telarc debut, Zion Crossroads. the world – O Death (New York, USA)Five guys, maybe three shirts between them. There’s a banjo, a fiddle, a drum set littered with gas cans, chains, and broken cymbals. It’s an anachronistic jug band party in a junkyard with sing-along hooks and weathered vocals from another






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