SnC 075 – Wed 25 July 2007


A delicious mix of sounds and culture pervade the music again this week
with tracks from Canada, the USA, Gambia, Netherlands and France.Flash mob dance event Mobile Clubbing @ St Paul’s Cathedral, London There are pictures – oh boy, are there pictures, just scroll down the page to find the galleries at:www.dontstayin.comIntroHappy – Jimmie Bratcher (Missouri, USA)
www.jimmiebratcher.comThe Johnstown Kids – Rob Szabo (Ontario, Canada)Rob’s
music is accessible yet sophisticated acoustic pop. His honest songs
prompt journalists to compare him to Elliott Smith & Costello;
saying he has "the soul of a poet". Rob’s dedication to touring is
garnering him a devoted base of music fans who often travel great
distances to see him play.www.robszabo.comNone of those things – Cat Jahnke (Manitoba, Canada)With her album None Of Those Things
in her back pocket, awards from a Hollywood film festival tucked
beneath her cap and nothing less than a finalist ranking in two
international songwriting competitions up her sleeve, Cat is a
versatile musician who is as comfortable on stage as behind the
Memphis Sun -The Black Summer Crush (California, USA)Located
in Southern California, The Black Summer Crush are: Thomas Flowers on
lead vocals, Scott Holiday on guitar, Robin Everhart on bass, and
Michael Miley on drums. Their upcoming, self-titled, full-length
release, due out the first quarter of 2008, will be released by EMI Reid at The Winepress in Norwich (01603 622134) on Friday 3rd August, before he flies back to the California desert. I’ll try to get booking details and update this post.
NYC – Jen Chapin Trio (New York, USA)Jen
Chapin is joined by versatile and talented bandmates Stephan Crump on
acoustic bass and Jamie Fox on electric guitar in a month-long tour
that will bring her jazz-inflected urban folk to a variety of music
halls, performing arts centers, coffeehouses and living rooms from Iowa
to Georgia.www.jenchapin.comTakama – Guinea C (Gambia)Guinea
C was formed in 2004. All members are originally from Guinea, West
Africa. They now live in The Gambia. Their first CD is called road to Texas – After son (Netherlands)After Son is the story of a late born son with major brother and sisters.The music tells the story from the perception of the eyes, fixed in a experimental sound.The sound that was created is better know as a movie for your me out of Jersey – Tim Foley (Michigan, USA)Tim
Foley works as a freelance illustrator during the day, but during the
wee hours of the morning he messes around with various musical
instruments and forces himself to write a new song every day which he
then posts on a blog site "for some reason or another". to Pete Cogle who let me know a much more efficient way of getting hold of tracks from Jamendo that doesn’t involve BitTorrent downloads. What to do – Metisse (Forbach / Saint-Avold, France)Le
groupe METISSE originaire des environs de Saint-Avold en Moselle existe
dans sa composition actuelle depuis 1998. Son style est influencé par
les grands noms du reggae: Bob Marley évidemment, mais aussi Burning
Spear, Steel Pulse, Black Uhuru, The Gladiators et bien d’autres. Un
son roots, deux chanteurs qui mélangent les voix ou alternent le lead
vocal, des compositions en anglais et en français font son style.Aujourd’hui
la formation compte à son actif plus de 150 concerts donnés dans des
bars, cafés-concerts, MJC, tremplins ou festivals locaux qui lui
permettent d’avoir une solide expérience de la scène et une image
résolument « roots » auprès des amateurs.Constituée de 7 musiciens,
(André & Wahib, guitares et chants, Louis-batterie, Malik-claviers,
Mohamed-basse, Dominique-guitare, et Moundy-percussions), la formation
interprète en live un répertoire où compositions personnelles et grands
classiques du reggae se mélangent.Le premier CD du groupe, intitulé
« Jeunesse », entièrement autoproduit et composé de 7 titres originaux
a été sélectionné dans le parcours FNAC «nouvelle Scène française» en






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