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SnC 073 – Wed 11 July 2007

Two gigs this week – The Winelight last Wednesday and Terry Reid in London on Sunday.IntroHappy – Jimmie Bratcher (Missouri, USA)www.jimmiebratcher.comWhen things were new – Spanking Charlene (New York, USA)"The collaboration between Charlene McPherson and Mo Goldner began with an East Village bar flirtation that turned into a drunken slutty song fest. After that long wild night, a band was born. Lakeside Lounge owner Eric "Roscoe" Ambel heard that wildness in their first demo and booked them at his legendary East Village venue". Their album Dismissed with a kiss was released recently.http://spankingcharlene.com/Root Mull – Vinny Peculiar (Manchester, UK) FIRST PLAYVinny Peculiar  is the sobriquet for one Alan Wilkes, a Bromsgrove-born, Manchester based singer-songwriter, who writes expertly crafted vignettes of the ironies, agonies and ecstasies of every day existence. The Vinny Peculiar alias started in 1997. Vinny has toured with British Sea Power, Malcolm Middleton and Edwyn Collins and is a regular compere on the Glastonbury Acoustic Stage. Vinny was crowned ‘the Tony Hancock of pop’  by UNCUT MAGAZINE and was Artist in Residence at last years Cathedral Arts Festival in Belfast where he where he met Bill Drummond of KLF fame. They have subsequently gone on to collaborate on Bill’s infamous SOUP Runs.The VP band includes Mike Joyce [the Smiths, PIL, Buzzcocks] Craig Gannon [Aztec Camera, Terry Hall, the Smiths] and Ben Knott [JEEP] and Karen Leatham [The Fall]www.vinnypeculiar.comwww.myspace.com/vinnypeculiarVoicemail from Jack Wyles in Oakland, California.Anti-Social Behaviour – Katie Skilling (Leicester, UK)Katie Skilling is a singer – songwriter/musician who I saw play at the Winelight last week. Hailing from the city of Leicester in England, UK. Still just 21 years old, Katie has been performing since the age of 15 and has been writing songs since the age of 10.Instruments: Vocals, guitar, Melodica, Fingers, Tambourine.In addition to singing and playing acoustic guitar, Katie also writes her songs using piano as a tool and also the melodica.www.myspace.com/katieskillingmusicASBO confirmed on DJ Shazam (see pic)It’s a rave Dave – Trash Fashion (London, UK)YO! back up b4 ya gets mash up!! dis be Trash Fashion and you is witnessing da Kreme of da nu grenerashun. Jus puts ya eyes on da pics, and feel da sounds wik ya ears, and den give em both an overload wik da podkast trak below. BOOOOOM! www.trashfashion.co.uk www.myspace.com/trashfashionNote from Kimo and new song on PMN. Lullaby for Alia – Kimo Watanabe (Utah, USA)I play music that’s simple & soulful. Simple, because I’ll be honest, I can’t play all that complicated stuff & Soulful, because I play music that I feel. This music isn’t really ‘radio ready’ but that’s the beauty of the PMN. We’re here because we want an alternative, so consider me an alternative.www.sellaband.com/kimo-watanabeUsing Sellaband Pugni al vento (radio edit) – Rocky Horror Fuckin’ Shit (Foggia, Italy) FIRST PLAYRocky Horror Fuckin’ Shit project was born in Foggia in December 02.R.H.F.S’ music takes sprout from the crossover and from the most classical nu-metal not disdaining experimentations and new musical solutions. The contents of the texts space from the politics to the social.www.rhfs.it/ Goodnight – Peter Hepworth (Suffolk, UK)Peter says "I never chose to be a songwriter…….Growing up in a quiet Suffolk village, as a child I tried lots of different activities from tennis to climbing, gliding to cadets, but nothing grabbed me until one rainy Saturday afternoon I picked up my mates guitar. It felt right. I learned some chords. The more I learned about music, the more it became a part of me." I saw Peter at a singers’ night in Ipswich recently. I want to hear more from him.www.myspace.com/peterhepworth

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