SnC 069 – Wed 13 June 2007


Oh er missus, a bit of 69As eclectic a mix of genres as you’re ever likely to hear. From unashamedly pop to something most unusual for me – a bit of electronica by way of a fair bit of really rather interesting music.Music from UK, California, Wales, Texas, Colorado and New York this week. Every one well worth listening to. Yes, I mean really listening to!Tight convoy of bicycles.Rocket Boy – Industrial Salt (UK)Great harmonies.After the success of their first album, A Pocket Full Of Magnetic Letters and a number 3 single in Japan, Hayley Bonnick and Alex Stamp and the band have spent a while gigging across the UK as Industrial Salt.Sick of a UK music industry dominated by Simon Cowell, the girls have sought a different route to the top. The songs are written and produced by former Kajagoogoo guitarist Steve Askew   and his former band-mate Nick Beggs. The first territory to release their material was be Japan, in 2005. Once they have established a name for themselves in the hearts and minds of the Japanese, they hope to forge their way home, westward in a blaze of glory.After 3 successful Japanese tours, they returned to the studio and have now finished recording their second album, ‘Trash Pop’ from which that track is for fun – Rademacher (California, USA)The ghosts in Rademacher’s machine come not from gadget wizardry but from the group’s Fresno forefathers, Pavement. There are hints of Stephen Malkmus brightening the corners of frontman Malcolm Sosa’s quirky delivery — although Sosa’s a bit more of an earnest soul. They have a steady stream of gigs on their MySpace page, mostly in California and a few forays out to Seattle, Portland and Salt Lake City in the next month. clown  – The Passive Aggressives (California, USA)Melodic sounds draw the listener in, a voice coos and then the hammer comes down. Its a sound not easily defined; maybe it can be called "happy hardcore", "libido rock" or another term never heard before – but the Bay Area based quartet’s debut, self-titled EP is like nothing currently out there.Hating on the Bush administration and Republicans in general is quite in vogue now. So "Evil Clown" isn’t a real surprise lyrically, especially from a band from the lefty San Francisco Bay Area. But this funky quartet bounces and weaves from cliches with their bass-laden alternative rock sound. You can tell this is one helluva good live band as their songs just jump right out of this album. The group isn’t putting up a facade; this is the real deal and I love it.- J-Sin (Smother Magazine) started with a mix – Los Campesinos (Cardiff, Wales)One of Pete Cogle’s favourite bands and I just love this very short track.Los Camesinos started off as the brainchild of Neil Campesinos! As he and Ellen and Ollie Campesinos! began ‘jamming’ in Ollie’s bedroom. Soon after, Neil and Tom became friends thanks to one overhearing the other’s conversation about The Decemberists. Tom modestly brought some awesome song writing ability to the band.The first track I played way back You! Me! Dancing! – has just been released by Wichita Dream – If (Texas, USA)Trained in classical guitar, self-taught drums & percussives. In the 90’s, trained under known pro’s and active in live sound. In production since 2003, now with a formidable body of truly beautiful ethereal & dance-groove work that carry you into the inner sanctum of your most vivid imaginings. Weather Machine – Signal to Noise (Colorado, USA)From the Front Range, Boulder, Colorado quartet Signal to Noise"s album Kodiak on Eyeball Records."Kodiak is packed tight with 10 stellar tracks. From the gigantic sing-along choruses of songs like "Radiation" and "To the Bitter End (I’ll be With You)" to cow-bell tinged rockers like "The Weather Machine" and bitter-sweet ballads like album closer "Firework Sky", Kodiak brings listeners on a high-altitude chair-lift ride that doesn’t let up until its final note." shitty bandJust a test posting on the PMN, it’s mercifully short but I hope it makes an interesting addition to the mix. Should you wish, you can buy it from the PMN. You’ll not be surprised that this is a Suffolk ‘n’ Cool Firstplay!Harmonica – Kickstart (New York, USA)One of two cracking tracks from Kickstart that I have lined up for you.Kickstart makes their mark with strength of heart, not style. Eric and company put every scrap of themselves on the table and let it ride in three minute bursts. The gravel voiced singer spits tales of a well-worn life, love gone bad, moments of transcendence and bouts with the bitter truth.Sexy, gutsy and irresponsibly loud, Kickstart have been together since 2003, playing contagious bare-basics rock and roll that gives you the chills. Legendary DJ/scenester/artist BP Fallon describes the band as carrying "the true heart of rock’n’roll in their collective chests." For Kickstart fans throughout New York and the UK nothing could be closer to the truth. This band exudes authenticity, and they boast the fuck-all attitude, sound and most importantly, the songs to back up BP’s departure from the normal show next week – special feature on Alastair Artingstall. Some insights into writing, recording and life on the road.






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