SnC 067 – Wed 30 May 2007


This week has been interesting. Editing the video – there’s a rough cut on YouTube at just need to complete the rest of the DVD now.I lost count of the number of nights with less than four hours sleep last week but I feel just great on it. Permanent high – for as long as you can keep going.IntroHappy – Jimmie Bratcher (Missouri, USA)www.jimmiebratcher.comWhat better to keep you going?Giura – Lineaviola (Italy)Promised to play them last week and ran out of time.Il gruppo nasce nel 1999 a Reggio Emilia. Nel 2003-2004 la la band ha suonato come supporter in numerose date del "Numb tour" dei LINEA77. Nel 2004 viene pubblicato per l’etichetta Zeta Promotion "Maledetto Copernico". Ad Aprile 2007 prevista uscita del secondo disco "Determinante" de Paris, London last Friday.Excellent evening of deliciously mixed live music.Not a day goes by – Jimmy Golding (London, UK)Jimmy Golding is a London based singer songwriter with English attitude delivering thoughtful songs with powerful melodies and a soaring voice. I saw Jimmy play live at the Podcastcon in London last November. That was a very different occasion with an audience of hardened (but enthusiastic) podcasters, Friday was rather different. Jimmy was second on the bill and had to work hard to get the attention of the audience after the opening act. This he did and turned in a polished set. www.jimmygolding.comFirst band up was Daytona Lights who formed just six months ago in college at the East 15 acting school at Loughton in Essex. The acting genes shone through their live show. Although first on they put on a great spirited set, working the audience with the help of a strong contingent in from Essex. Thus far they have two tunes for download from their MySpace. To be honest I think these should be seen as demo tracks and I’d love to hear the result of a day in a studio. Charlie Chalk – Daytona Lights (Essex, UK)It is very early days and they could probably benefit from more gigs in a variety of venues and to a variety of audiences to hone their skills. The music is finely crafted in arrangement and execution. It comes over as both highly theatrical and very honest. Perhaps it’s the honesty in which they camp up the theatrical. Either way, a band to watch. purpose of the visit to the Cafe de Paris was to get together with a few other music oriented people. Other bands performing included Luc Floriani and Temposhark. The show was headlined by Marcella Detroit who took to the stage with a particularly promising vintage Gibson semi-acoustic guitar. The promise was not broken. Quiet self assurance on the guitar with characteristic soaring vocals were presented with a captivating stage presence. I’m tempted not to mention Marcy’s pedigree because her music and performance are not retrospective – they are of a quality that assures appreciation in any era. However, if the name is familiar and you can"t place it, she was in Eric Clapton’s band for four years (she co-write Lay down Sally with EC) and was half of Shakespeare’s Sister who had a huge hit with Stay with Me a while ago. In fact, listening to some of her back catalogue over the weekend I’m convinced that her voice is more interesting now than it was then. The range is fantastic and some of the tones she achieves found their way straight to my spine and I’m pleased to say they are settling in nicely!Her new single Mystery to Me with Loverush UK is out this month.Sadly I can’t play anything by Marcy yet but I’m working on it.The venue is amazing and I’d recommend the Friday night Cafe Rocks show.Greed – Nicklas Ljungfelt (Sweden)I’m 21 years old from Sweden. Been playing guitar for about 5-6 years. Studying dentistry at the moment. Here comes dark daisy – After Son (Nethelands)OK, I’ve played After Son, from Huisen in the north of Holland, before and I’ll be playing them again. Such versatility and interesting sounds. Just love it. They have one or two new tunes up on the PMN and a few older ones that they seem to have re-posted. There is an interesting link to their place on the CU2 site – take a Cogle suggest checking out Lay’m off up to the Winelight Club in Norwich next Wednesday where Tony Kavanagh has again put together a really interesting line-up. This month as he describes in the Winelight Newsletter:Alastair Artingstall  has already attracted a fair few bookings and hardly surprising given his pedigree and highly entertaining act. When not on the road making sure everything is sound with the likes of ASH and KEANE, Alastair is busy writing, recording and performing his very own brand of songs that once heard are never forgotten.  Juliana Meyer recently launched her latest album, Holding up the Sky, at the world famous 100 club (we wonder if anyone will write that about The Winelight Club one day?) and our Tony was privileged to be there. He feels Juliana will go down a storm in the intimate surroundings of The Wine Press and encourages everyone to make the effort to get down on the 6th and witness this rare event. Ruby Muse cross-genre 21st century folk-rock-blues-pop in an acoustic indie vein. Following the success of Vista last month we thought we’d continue in the vain of providing something a little different. Peter McAllen "If you were to chose two words to sum up Pete’s live performance they would be ‘passion’ and ‘power’. His voice has a quality that sends tingles down your spine." Simon Badman –  Stepping Stone Live.  Bookings via The Wine Press (don’t forget you don’t have to eat, you can just book a table) on 01603  (Norwich) (Bury, Nr Manchester) World at your feet – Alastair Artingstall (London, UK)Yes, I know I’ve played it before but I just like it and I promise I’ll try to get some more tunes for you at next week’s to imagine a greater contrast with World at your feet but if there’s one thing I do know about Suffolk ‘n’ Cool listeners it is that they can cope with contrast!Just like you – The Nightmares (Oregon, USA)Swept up from the ashes of Portland’s rock-n-roll underbelly, The Nightmares feature former members of such bands as the Viles, New Wave Hookers, Hellside Stranglers, Weaklings, Incinerators and Poison Idea. Since 2001 The Nightmares have been serving up a dirty concoction encompassing 2 parts sleaze, 1 part horror and a splash of glitter; shaken, twisted and served so cold that it’ll leave you face down in the gutter.Hm. Sounds like Friday night all over






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