SnC 065 – Wed 16 May 2007


A real mixed bag of music for you this week from Music from Georgia, Wisconsin, Arizona and California, USA as well as Italy and even something rather fine from the UK.Another busy week including a trip to the seaside to meet up with No Fixed Abode who I played a few weeks ago. Had a great afternoon with the band on the pier in Cromer (right) and even managed to record something that might, a dark night, pass for an interview. More later.Note in from Pete Flowers of The Fighting Cocks (No Candy) to point me to their websites for gig dates you, and I’m really trying hard to find a date I can make. His message proudly announces "Part of America’s war on tourism".Most of the week so far taken up with video editing and negotiating a really good music deal. Hear more about "a good deal" next week.IntroHappy – Jimmie Bratcher (Missouri, USA)www.jimmiebratcher.comA Way To Everything – Titofelix (Georgia, USA)An active part of Atlanta’s live music scene, alt-rock band Titofelix is a tight-knit unit with energetic guitar riffs, catchy lyrics and tight melodies. With 3 full-length albums, awesome live shows and a growing fanbase, expect titofelix to make their mark on the music scene in 2007 and beyond! boys on mopeds – this BRIGHT apocalypse (Wisconsin, USA)Melodic arpeggios, twisted math, polyrhythmic drumming/percussion, stunning harmonies and dynamics from guys who can sing. Four-part harmonies and colliding, twining, rising vocals. If there is such a thing such as post-hardcore, TBA is the standard-bearer for the intelligent di Soy Remix by FabiuS – Boom Boom Beckett (Italy)A banda – originariamente chiamata Hipster Bros – si forma nel lontano 1996 per volere dei Padri Fondatori, di cui oggi rimangono attivi solo due esemplari , peraltro perfettamente Fixed Abode interviewA very pleasant afternoon with Tony and Una in the pubs of Cromer. There is another section to the interview which I may be able to play next week.The salty sea dog – No Fixed Abode (Derbyshire, UK) No Fixed Abode are fronted by Una Walsh singing in her own lilting Irish accent and Tony Dean supporting on acoustic guitar. Based in Derbyshire, No Fixed Abode have travelled all across the UK over the last three years building up a solid reputation performing at festivals and acoustic Cogle has started ANOTHER podcast which I took a listen to during the week The Dub Zone. Excellent music selected with a passion which comes through even though the old codger hardly speaks. Now, you all know I love dub reggae, so The Dub Zone is dedicated to just that – some of the finest and most exotic mixes of dub reggae you’ve not yet heard. The show is going to be a little different, from PC Podcast. Not so much chat and track by track detail – more of a mix, with some ambient sounds thrown in.  Whether it will get you through another boring day at the office, have you skanking across the kitchen as you prepare the evening meal, or as last minute nightcap to help you unwind – The Dub Zone is it. Check it out the following ways….Blogsite: Host: Myspace: Found a great definition of the word codger:codg·er (noun)a man, especially a man of advanced years who is seen as slightly eccentric or amusing (informal). The perfect description although it must be said that some of us are more like eccentric and only very slightly amusing so at least he has that on us!Thanks for the Fairy Tale Ending – By the Wayside (Arizona, USA)Met in college at ASU. Originally formed just to jam and feed our musical cravings. Been paying (sic) for fun ever since. Everyone in this band can play more than one instrument and yet we are not attracted to more complex forms of music writing. We love Punk Rock, Ska, Dub, Emo, and Geek Rock.You can buy the CD through their’ve Gone Crazy – Soul of the River (California)Currently the Nominees for both best live band and best classic rock band in the 2007 Inland empire Music






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