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SnC 061 – Wed 18 Apr 2007

IntroHappy – Jimmy Bratcher (Missouri, USA)www.jimmybratcher.comThe travel this week is quite excessive. After last week’s show I drove over to an amazing hotel called Billesley Manor, near Stratford-on-Avon where a two day meeting was held before driving back to Suffolk to collect a fresh bag of clothes then off to Stansted Airport for a flight to Palma de Mallorca. And here I am this week enjoying a week wandering in the mountains and villages (right) of the Sierra Tramuntana – and no car!However, we can’t let a little thing like that stop the show and there are some cracking tracks for you to enjoy this week. The Canadians make a strong showing with contributions also from New York, Philadelphia, The Netherlands and Texas.Machines –  Kiss Kiss (New York, USA)What distinguishes Kiss Kiss, a 5-piece orchestral rock ensemble, from its contemporaries is a unique synthesis of influences, resulting in moody music that hangs and dissolves on shrewd, artful song-writing. Blending analog synths, violin, distorted guitar and ambient sounds with tight arrangements.21 Apr Skate or Die Festival  Small Empire Skatepark Flanders, New Jersey26 Apr Knitting Factory Old Office,   New York, NY28 Apr Galaxy Cafe,   South Plainfield, New Jersey4 May  Final 211 Main Show!!     Oneonta, New York5 May Townley Hall ( Big Fest )     Circleville, NYwww.kisskissmusic.netForever for now – Cat Jahnke (Manitoba, Canada)I know I only played Cat a couple of weeks ago and I was itching to play this track last week but I managed to get a grip and delay it until now. With her album None Of Those Things in her back pocket, awards from a Hollywood film festival tucked beneath her cap and nothing less than a finalist ranking in two international song-writing competitions up her sleeve, Cat is a versatile musician who is as comfortable on stage as behind the scenes.It’s never an easy road for the leader of the pack. I had to struggle with the pronunciation of Cat"s name, since then she’s given a phonetic version on the Podsafe Music Network. Ah, but then the leader of the pack is the only one for whom the view changes!Cat’s music is available through the PMN, just go to http://music.podshow.com click on the Listeners / Load me up panel and search for Cat.www.catjahnke.comwww.myspace.com/catjahnkeThe skin of my yellow country teeth – Clap your hands say yeah (Philadelphia, USA)Clap Your Hands Say Yeah was conceived in the belly of the Great Whale. Upon departure, its members floated to shore. Five arrived alive: Alec Ounsworth, Sean Greenhalgh, Tyler Sargent, Lee Sargent, and Robbie Guertin. They are multi-instrumentalists under the age of 48. A quintet based around Philadelphia and Brooklyn.Touring now with dates coming up in:19 Apr 40 Watt     Athens, Georgia20 Apr Freebird      Jacksonville, Florida21 Apr The Club at Firestone  Orlando, Florida22 Apr Revolution  Fort Lauderdale, Florida24 Apr Republic      New Orleans, Louisiana26 Apr Warehouse Live   Houston, Texaswww.clapyourhandssayyeah.comwww.myspace.com/clapyourhandssayyeahWhen indie rocks his car – After son (Netherlands)After Son is the story of a late born son with major brother and sisters.The music tells the story from the perception of the eyes, fixed in a experimental sound.The sound that was created is better know as a movie for your ears.www.afterson.euTayna (The secret tango) – Romashka (New York, USA)This NY-based band was born in the fall of 2003. Roaming from cafes and all-night jams, to apartment parties and subway stops, the band quickly catapulted to pulsating clubs and underground parties, drawing a loyal following from downtown party revellers to outer-borough-dwelling ethnic communities.www.romashka.netBlade – Panacea (Quebec, Canada)Panacea is a cutting edge electro-fusion band from Montreal. They are known for their ridiculously high energy live performances. They have just recently released their self titled debut album and will be touring western Canada as well as parts of the states this summer.www.myspace.com/odetoanuglypigNumbers – Pompeii (Texas, USA)Pompeii’s music is a thing of elegance and eloquence, splendor and daring. In just over a two-year lifespan, the five members of Pompeii have managed to construct a monument of evocative emotion, ambitious sound, and infinite vision. The foundation is a solid work of desire and commitment.www.myspace.com/pompeiiI’ll definitely speak to you next week. If I decide to stay here in Soller, I’ll have to get a laptop organised and do the show from here! Now there’s a tempting thought…

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