SnC 060 – Wed 11 Apr 2007


Happy – Jimmy Bratcher (Missouri, USA)www.jimmiebratcher.comPMN variability – last week loads, this week not a lot – but that’s part of the fun of it. Surprised not more artists are making their music available for sale through the PMN. It"s a great non-exclusive deal. If you know otherwise, let me know.Spring/summer was certainly here over the weekend. Quite a playlist backlog, so loads of great music again this week, some that I’ve been meaning to play for ages. From the UK, New York, California, Germany, Denmark, Ohio and Moscow. Borders, who needs them?Second Time Lucky – Figment (UK)  FIRST PLAYFIGMENT, 3 guys, 3 instruments, 3 words – Rock and Roll.A sound which is at once timeless and all their own.No scenes, no clever genres, no gimmicks. Just honest music.Perhaps that is their gimmick."When did ‘Rock’ become a dirty word?" they the show fairly early this morning and half the birds of Suffolk are convinced that it"s an open mic session.I wish I said – Jill Stevenson  (New York, USA)When I heard this again last night when I was preping the show, I couldn’t understand why I hadn’t played it already. I would probably have said that it’s a bit "soul" for my taste but I just love it. The music of Jill Stevenson reflects a depth of soul and poetic sense that reaches well beyond her years. It probably proves the argument that great music will always appeal across genres.Jill was studying piano at age seven and her singing career began at the age of nine, with regular appearances in a small church that her parents helped to establish.www.jillstevenson.comThis modern love – Bloc Party (UK)Bloc Party was raised on pop culture from 1976 to the present. They’ve been influenced by it all. Their second album A Weekend in the City narrowly missed out topping the UK charts this week (it entered at No. 2 behind Mika) also hit the charts at No. 2 in Japan, Australia and Ireland. The album charted top 5 in Germany and Belgium, top 10 in France, Canada, Switzerland, Singapore and Hong Kong, top 20 in Holland, Sweden, Norway and Austria and top 30 in Denmark and Italy.Upcoming UK dates:14 Glasgow – Academy15 Wolverhampton – Civic16 Plymouth – Pavilions18 Blackpool – Empress Ballroom19 London – Brixton Academy20 London – Brixton MySpace confusion seems to be settling down. Lots of useful contacts coming into the SNC Music Network area although they are mostly Suffolk-based. It’s a global show so why not make use of the facility to promote your venue, show, label and indeed band at just send an add request and I’ll sort it out.C’mon add me – The Mysluts (California, USA)We had such a love/hate relationship with Myspace that we started writing songs and made a whole band about it. Every band is on Myspace now, hell it’s outdated to have your own website as a band anymore. Welcome to the next wave. Acorazardo remixed by DJ Malente – Tango Fusion Club (Munich, Germany)Following the amazing success of Tango Fusion Vol. 1 , now Munich-based label Tango-Go of dance artist and producer Sonja Amisén comes up with the follow up release Electronic Tango Flavoured Beats.A disarming mix of traditional Argentine Tango and modern Electronic Beats.  Latitude Festival 12 -15 July 20-22 July at Hacheston, near Framlingham cheaper kind of love – Emily and the orgasm addicts (Ork, Denmark)Three guys and two girls make up the rock n roll commando squad that is Emily and the Orgasm Addicts! They are on a mission to transform the world into a sexier place with their boobs, bass drums and booze! by the radio – Magic City (Columbus, Ohio, USA)Garage rock trio from Columbus, OHOne date of note:14th April (Saturday)  Carabar: Release Party for Magic City/Patsys split 7" Plus: Grave Blankets & Beatdowns!They are: Karen and Ann, each on vocals and guitar with Nick on drums. You can buy that track and other direct from their MySpace Morning – Vasaya (Moscow, Russia)  FIRST PLAYI’m a pop/jazz singer from Moscow.In this blog you can find a lot of Russian and international hits in my performance.No web links.That’s it for this week, do get in touch – even just to let us all know where you are listening from.






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