SnC 058 – Wed 28 Mar 2007


IntroHappy – Jimmie Bratcher (Missouri, USA)www.jimmiebratcher.comSpring seems to be rushing into summer already.In London again yesterday at the lovely Chesterfield Hotel in Mayfair to meet up with Craig Phillips the first winner of Big Brother in the UK. Then Jessie got papp’d.Music from Italy, UK, Brooklyn, Canada and FloridaOld song fabulous new treatment by the original artist.1 shot, 1 kill – 1 shot 1 kill  (Grosseto, Italy)Ben – Voce/chitarra Nicco – Cori/voce Turbo – Chitarra/cori Edone – Basso/berci Ale – got a brand new string – Sandie Shaw  (UK)The original Brit Girl. Chiselled cheekbones, sophisticated pop operas, independent girl about town.Otherworldliness, impossible glamour, voice of an angel.Barefaced and Shaw-footed.First number one single at 17 years old. Two more under her belt before she was 21.A bevy of hits in UK, Europe, USSR, Canada, South America, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.First British recording star to perform behind the Iron Curtain; last to perform in Iran.First British artist to win the Eurovision Song Contest.First British female artist to produce and own her masters and copyright.Has sung, written, acted, modelled, designed.Is a Buddhist, Mother, Psychotherapist, Author, Singer, Creative Director.Influenced generations of artists from the New York Dolls, Pretenders’ Chrissy Hynde, Steven Morrissey of The Smiths; to Daddy G. of Massive Attack.Inspired a whole lot more.Girl Power? Knocked into a cocked hat. This is Woman Power.And the best is yet to come.She rerecorded this version of her hit Puppet On A String with Howard Jones at his old studio. The reworking is titled "Puppet’s Got A Brand New String"After it was recorded, it was sent it to a young, hip producer/mixer, Andy Gray who re-arranged and mixed the track.www.sandieshaw.comI feel fantastic – Jonathan Coulton (Brooklyn, NY, USA)Jonathan Coulton – guitar, keyboards, vocals, all of it baby.I just love the wit and sheer intelligence of Jonathan’s songs, all of which are for sale on his site, some are free. Jonathan recently did a brilliant collaboration with Ze Frank Crazed Nutter – No Fixed Abode (Derbyshire, UK)No Fixed Abode are fronted by Una Walsh singing in her own lilting Irish accent and Tony Dean supporting on acoustic guitar. Based in Derbyshire, No Fixed Abode have travelled all across the UK over the last three years building up a solid reputation performing at festivals and acoustic clubs. Kebab Crazed Nutter is taken fr4om their new album Clearwater which is probably available from their site although I know computer problems have caused them enormous stress and some delay.Sat 31st March Mansfield Bear Festival, Mansfield Town Football Ground 9.00pmWed 4th April The Swan Stone Staffs 9.00pmFri 6th April The Plough, Loughbrough 9.00pmSat 7th April The Boat, Cromford 9.00pmSat 14th April Horse And Groom, Nottingham Rush The Charts – Initial results are inOur one day push, organised by Mark Yoshimoto Nemcof of the Pacific Coast Hellway podcast in California, Chris Penn of Financial Aid Podcast, etc., led to 72 hours of excitement as the charts slowly aggregated. I believe these were our highest chart positions: iTunes Rock ChartsUS: 11Canada: 10Netherlands: 2Germany: 12Sweden: 7Portugal: 31UK: 71Australia: 35Austria: 35Denmark: 40Finland: 42Ireland: 54Italy: 30New Zealand: 56Norway: 23Switzerland: 42Overall Top 100 Songs ChartNetherlands: 15Norway: 55Canada: 53US: 99Germany:98Netherlands:38Sweden: 98Of all of the bands on all of the charts at the same time, Black Lab was the ONLY UNSIGNED BAND.Mark Yoshimoto Nemcof comments: "Just getting onto the charts is pretty huge. Note that there are record companies out there that can’t do what we did on the 22nd.Did traditional media take notice? Washington Post, BBC, San Jose Mercury, Billboard, Spin, CBC, Businessweek and others. Raise your hand if you’ve ever heard of any of these!Was it a success? You tell me. The whole experiment was set up to show that podcasting and new media is a social movement that has a pretty far reach across the globe. Bum Rush got a lot of people inside and outside of new media talking, shed more light on podcasting and helped get some exposure for an unsigned band and helped them tell their story about how they were mistreated by a major record label.And in the end, even though we may not know the final sales report for 30 days, I’d wager that we raised thousands of dollars for the scholarship fund. Some kid who couldn’t afford college before will get to go this fall because of the podcasting and blogging commuities. I don’t know about you, but that makes me feel pretty good. Honestly, 100 percent the credit belongs to you, the podcasters, podcast listeners, bloggers and blog readers who took part in Bum Rush the Charts." Man’s Train – Gerry Wall (Canada)A really brave step to use such an unusual sound mix – and it works. Gerry grew up in Saskatchewan, Canada. He was previously featured on SnC 046 you"ll find more information in the show notes for 046 or at his Modern Symphony – The Mainline Project (Florida, USA)An unusual intro, then quirky buit quite beautiful. Very cleverly executed. Wreked Records was founded in 2006 as a way for The [MA]inline Project to release their music effectively. both links go to the MySpace from Marianne bass player with the Kitchen Cowboys (SnC 057) Thanks for playing the Kitchen Cowboys! Don’t worry about your pronunciation, it’s almost perfect. And I’m very happy you liked our music because or inspite of the many, many words. But isn’t there a lot to say about being sleepless, listening to the sounds of the city and not being able to stop thinking?All the best from Hamburg.Last minute addition:Famous – The Lascivious Biddies (New York, USA)www.biddies4ever.comSorry if the notes are a bit disorganised – it’s been a stressful day and I’m editing the notes/posting the show late tonight (again).  Just been catching a bit of Pete Cogle’s SnC Rewind Show over at well worth checking out. Well I would say that wouldn’t I!






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