SnC 055 – Wed 07 Mar 2007


IntroHappy – Jimmie Bratcher (Missouri, USA)Hedge laying in progress (right) a beautiful job, well done by Angus and a zillion miles from the seven hours, main road drive to Birmingham and back yesterday for a four hour meeting!By contrast we heard from Kimo Watanabe now safely back in Salt Lake CityLeave the light on – Katy Pfaffl      (New Jersey, USA)Katy recorded and released her first album ‘Katy Pfaffl’ in 2001, followed soon after by her second album ‘As She Stands’ released in 2003. Last played Katy on Suffolk ‘n’ Cool 12 back in May last year. Katy can be seen performing regularly throughout Manhattan/NJ/LA as well as within the college circuit. message in from Daniel van Dijk:A little month ago you have played the song Tango Mortale, from the  band called After Son.Because of the fact that the website was not ready, you have describe  After Son as very mysterious.The website is now online and gives you an  idea what After Son contains.Also on the beersite of Grolsch Beer you can find more information.The last song from After Son called – Jazzmine the Grolsch Song – is a fine song and the fans like the song very much.Thank you that you have played the song called Tango Mortale on your radio and i hope that you like the other songs too.Non stare ad ascoltare – Redska  (Cesena, Italy)Very little information available but here are some gigs:9 Mar     LOCALE CINQUEQUARTI     Siena (SI)10 Mar     CS 100K FUEGOS     Firenze (FI)30 Mar     TITTY TWISTER     San Benedetto del Tronto (AP)31 Mar     OFFICINA BELUSHI     Viterbo (VT)’s Blubrry all about then? Cool Lullaby – Catya Mare    (Jutland, Denmark)    FIRST PLAYThe german violinist  performed her first concert as soloist with an orchestra when she was only ten years old. Since then she often has been compared to Anne-Sophie Mutter.Went to Hamburg Music Conservatory at the early age of fifteen years old as an exceptionally talented student. She  collaborates withdiverse painters: ie. ERIK PEITERSEN, VIBEKE LAWAETZ, DITTE CONNIE,modern dance-ensembles such as  THE SUN DANCE COMPANY (ARHUS) and  INGRID KRISTENSEN (DK / SOUTH AMERICA)Since February 2006 CATYA simultaneously is composing popular songs, in which she uses the violin as the primary voice, producing a breathing and vibrating sound, which resembles more the female voice than a usual violin… beautiful melodies which are weaved into an ambient backing.The violin is Catya Mare´s voice…beautiful melodies weaved into an ambient/electronica backing…..sensual, emotional, funky, chill out, spiritual, gorgeous music!Debut album LIGHT LONGING available now! MS WALK 2007www.biddiesmusic.comWe throw parties, you throw knives – Los Campesinos (Cardiff, Wales)FIRST PMN PLAY but Pete Cogle has been playing them for weeks on PC Podcast!It started off as the brainchild of Neil Campesinos! As he and Ellen and Ollie Campesinos! began ‘jamming’ in Ollie’s bedroom. Soon after, Neil and Tom became friends thanks to one overhearing the other’s conversation about The Decemberists. Aleksandra Campesinos! – Singing/Keyboards/Clapping/Melody HornEllen Campesinos! – Bass/SingingGareth Campesinos! – Singing/Glockenspiel/Guitar/ClappingHarriet Campesinos! – Violin/Keyboards/SingingNeil Campesinos! – Guitar/SingingOllie Campesinos! – Drums/SingingTom Campesinos! – Guitar/ amazing network of connections has been growing and spreading this week.Pete Cogle was talking to someone who put him in touch with Mike Seyfang who interviewed Pete on his podcast The Extraordinary Everyday Lives Show ( Pete’s recommendation, Mike subscribed to Suffolk ‘n’ Cool. So he heard my appeal for help with getting the shirts out in Second Life. Their show is co-presented by fellow Aussie Dave Wallace in Adelaide. Now Dave is a bit of a wiz in Second Life, he takes up the story in his blog:Mike emailed me about Peter Clitheroe saying he’s a mate of Pete Cogle  and how he was heard on his podcast talking about having t-shirts in Second Life and needing a hand with getting them out in-world. So, I left a comment on the Suffolk ‘n’ Cool site offering help. So, there I was in SL and Peter IM’d me. I was in middle of an opening where my art was being exhibited but he joined us and I got one of his t-shirts and a shot of us wearing them.Now, if I can just get a t-shirt designed for our podcast, extraordinary everyday lives.What Dave fails to mention is that he was conducting two simultaneous conversations in SL, one of which was dealing with a novice SL resident (me) trying to do stupid things with T-shirts, whilst introducing me to guests at his exhibition. But he was dashing around also taking photos one of which is on his blog. He’s also set up a box in his gallery where you can pick up a free T-shirt. The slurl is: That’s all pretty amazing but there is more that you should know about this outstanding man find out at: it’s time to continue the network. There are two things we need help with:Firstly, could you be the next connections in a "Space Telephone" shout to JP Rangaswami who is the CIO for BT’s Global Service and whose blog at caught Dave and Mike’s eye. So, you ask, "What’s a Space Telephone and why would you want to use one instead of posting a comment on his blog, or sending him an email? Why not call him on the telephone or send him a letter?Pete Cogle explains why that would be too easy: The "Space Telephone" is a concept introduced by Dave Slusher over at Evil Genius Chronicles, whereby you use the podosphere/blogosphere to send a "shout" out to the person you want to talk to and let your listeners/fellow bloggers/fellow podcasters do the same, so that eventually someone within JP’s sphere of influence will send a shout directly to the man himself.But why do this?  Well Dave Wallace has been a C4 Quadriplegic since a motor vehicle accident in 1981. He’s committed to making life work (hence the kludge part in lifekludger) and pretty sure that for every problem, there’s someone out there who has a solution, or just a kludge, to fix that problem. We now have the technology to enable people from around the world engage in that process.So here’s my blog shout, and I’ll a make a short extra audio appeal as SnC 055a tonight. If you know JP, or someone who may know JP then give them a shout via your method of choice and we’ll see if this experiment works! It occurs to me that perhaps if you are involved with BT at Martlesham Heath, here in Suffolk, someone there may well be in contact with JP so just pass the word on and stay tuned for updates! The second thing is that If you are a designer, can you help Dave and Mike out with a T-shirt design? If you can, just contact Dave, Mike or me. I’ll happily make the design into a T-shirt (while I can still remember how to do it.) or if you know someone somewhere else in the world who can do it, even better, it could extend the network right round the planet!Clear air turbulance – Nick and Gerald (London and New York)Nick and Gerald originally hail from West London. They first met at school (Ealing Green) and have remained life-long friends ever since. In 1993 Gerald left London to take up residence in NYC where he now lives. Nick remained in – Nick Cook  (UK)Solo performer gathering a good audience. Acoustic guitar sometimes fiddle. Well crafted songs. Mistaken was the last Album I made and I am in the progress of making a new one. The working title for this is, "Traveling Man". I hope to finish it as soon as possible …… but these things take time.Beautiful Like Rasputin – Amy Rigby  (Nashville, USA)Amy Rigby has been compared to everyone from Elvis Costello to Carole King, but she "has no peer on the current pop scene," according to the Chicago Reader. Born in Pittsburgh and a long-time resident of New York City, Amy was songwriter, singer and rhythm guitarist for cow punk pioneers Last Roundup and folk pop trio The Shams before her first solo album got the attention of critics and music fans. Four widely critically acclaimed albums later and now making her home in Nashville, Rigby continues to write and sing from the trenches of rock, romance and reality. Praised for her dazzling song craft and brilliant humor and bite, Amy Rigby "gives you everything you could want from rock music: anger, humor, lust, and wistfulness." says the Knoxville Metro Pulse.Preforming tomorrow night with Wreckless Eric at B2 in






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