SnC 053 – Wed 21 Feb 2007


IntroHappy – Jimmie Bratcher (Missouri, USA)www.jimmiebratcher.comWelcome to you, especially if you are a new listener – there seem to be more of us having a good time together each week!Been out for a fix of live music again this week, Thursday saw the launch of a new venture, pretty much a collective of local musicians who are promoting showcase nights. The first of the Twilight Sessions featured Al Lindsey who played a fabulous set with the most spectacular upright bass player whose name I completely failed to get, along with sets from Debs Warren and Belinda Gillett who featured on the show some months ago.Progress with MySpaceIn an attempt to keep the original Suffolk’n’Cool MySpace for bands that have been played on the show, I’ve done the deed and created two more MySpace areas, one, the SnC Listeners Lounge ( ) is especially for err, listeners. The other, the SnC Music Network, ( is a space where musicians and listeners can find a growing body of promoters, venues, studios, other podcasts, etc. I’ve linked to both from the MySpace page at You’ve got to … – The Young Punx (London, UK)The Young Punx are London based Hal Ritson and Cameron Saunders. 2007 will see The Young Punx release their debut album – a crossover cocktail of elements of popular culture mashed with pumping house, nuskool breaks, drum and bass, heavy rock and 80s pop. The album will feature tracks such as ‘Young And Beautiful’ and ‘You’ve Got To’ which is featured on the new FIFA ’07 EA computer game. Fatboy Slim liked this track so much he asked to remix it for free.Over the last 18 months The Young Punx have firmly established themselves as the new darlings of UK dance music. With many of the world’s top DJs championing their records and over 100 BBC Radio 1 plays to date the duo are at the forefront of the UK Dance Scene.The Young Punx are now firmly established as one of the most in demand remixers in the UK. In the past 18 months they have remixed artists such as De Lacey, Chicane and Tom Jones, Scissor Sisters, Hound dogs, Dario G, Tina Turner, Space Cowboy and many more. They have even incorporated the BBC Shipping Forecast – as was reported today by Radio Netherlands Worldwide. The Young Punx play live both as DJs and as The Young Punx live band.The full live band includes legendary guitar virtuoso Guthrie Govan (Guitarist Magazine guitarist of the year) and vocals from Tiffany Gore (Medcab / Chicane / Kraak en Smaak) and recently performed for 2 nights at the Nano Mugen Festival in Japan to an audience of 24, Turc – Sara Alexander (France)Born in Israel of a Romanian, Jewish, gypsy father and a Turkish Jewish mother, Sara never forgot about the problems in the part of the world from which she has come, and does all she can to help contribute to the understanding between the people, especially between Israelis and Palestinians.She has a fascinating website with the story of her work so far and links to some amazing music and outstanding musicians. Song 2 – Dead Heart Bloom (New York, USA)The new Dead Heart Bloom record Chelsea Diaries is now available for download and purchase. The complete record can be downloaded for free from the music page. The 43MB file containes 8 songs, cover art, and booklet. The record can also be purchased from the store.Chelsea Diaries was self-recorded and produced by former Phaser singer Boris Skalsky during the Summer and Fall of 2006. An acoustic record, it explores the style of songs such as Listen and There Will Come Soft Rains from the debut album. The record is being released for free download through KEI Records. His website has some excellent videos for your viewing – Homespun tb  (UK)Guit/vox- Terry Foster. Drums- Tony Foster. Bass- Damien SayellFormed in Rhyl 1998.The band gigged extensively in North Wales and surrounding areas (Liverpool, Manchester, Chester, etc) building a reputation and fan Life + T shirts  A real collector"s item they only exist in the virtual world of Second Life. Look out for "Albert Slade" in Second Life or send him an IM.Black Galactic Taxi Cab – Alex Brumel (New Jersey, USA)The Jersey Shore’s Alex Brumel is a 21-year-old singer/songwriter quickly making a name for himself in historic clubs like the Saint and The Stone Pony. Deeply rooted in the folk, rock, and blues traditions, his music is grounded in simple, vocally-driven Latha Hatha Datha – RU36 (California, USA)Ru36 has been shaking up the Bay Area music scene for over 10 years. With their controversial subject matters and even newsworthy chaotic live shows, RU36 is a force to be reckoned with. Give them and listen and decide for yourself. In fact, if you listen carefully enough you may just discover that this may not be considered entirely family safe by people whose biggest concern in life is naughty words! a life – Scott Brunger (Maidstone, UK)      FIRST PLAYFor once, everything came together by sheer luck. A semi-automated MySpace friend-finder put in a request to SnC. I as about to redirect it to the new SNC Music Network MySpace but this tune started playing and I was blown away. A couple of quick messages and a couple of calls to his cell/mobile ended up with the requisite MP3 file arriving as I was recording the show. I hope you’ll see why it HAD to go in.If you’d like a Suffolk’n’Cool Psst … CD to help introduce your friends to podcasts (what they are, how to listen, subscription is generally free, etc.) just send an email to me (including your address). I’ve got a limited number to distribute – the idea is to get them out and moving around from person to person, to spread the word. You’re very welcome to copy the disc and give it to






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