SNC 052 – Wed 14 Feb 2007


Ah, the romance of Wickham Market – roses and Asti Spumanti are sold out at the Co-op.This weeks picture is of Albert Slade modelling a very fetching I listen, therefore I am – Suffolk ‘n’ Cool T shirt. Albert is exploring Second Life ( on my behalf. I do just wish he’d hitch his jeans up a bit – goodness knows where he got those boxers! More at the end of the show.MySpace problems and changesThe number of listeners, artists and other contacts are growing and a MySpace with all of those groups mixed up is difficult to make sense of. Also, since I started the policy of putting the artists most recently featured on the show into the Top Friends category, and all other artists in the All Friends section lots of people have said how good it is to know that anyone on there is going to be worth a serious listen. What’s more, it’s an easy way to keep up with what’s happening with personal favourite artists who may not have been on the show for some time. The other thing that’s happening is that quite a few listeners want to be friends with the show as do an increasing number of studios, venues, promoters, etc. So what I’ve done is to create two more MySpace areas, one, the SnC Listeners Lounge ( ) is especially for err, listeners. The another, the SnC Music Network, is a space where musicians and listeners can find a growing body of promoters, venues, studios, other podcasts, etc. I’ll get that up in the next couple of days and link to it from the main SnC MySpace and website.It will all be live in the next few days, so if you’ve recently asked to be a friend, please would you go to the relevant MySpace link and do it again, this time you’ll get a much quicker response – promise! I’m really sorry if your request expired before I resolved this move. Penny, I think you were one who fell off the list. Sorry.You might hate me but your boys disagree – Blondsai  (Maryland, USA)Extremely addicting, looks to kill… influenced by everything from 60’s garage, japanese rocknroll, 70’s-80’s punk, and of course, porn, kitsch, and trash films.. highly charged live show… champion whiskey drinkers. Sounds good too!Thur March 8th, The Sidebar, BaltimoreFri Mar 9th, the Tristone, Philly, PASat Mar 10th – The Red+Black, Washington DC Then more from 23rd Seagull – Tallulah Rendall  (London, UK)    FIRST PLAYCurrently recording her first album with producer Marius De Vries. In 2006 she released her Debut EP, Without Time. "I sing/write/play guitar and generally tend to run around the country like a nutter playing as much as I can… then crawl back to London, land in a heap, sleep till I wake and do it all again!!!"Tallulah Rendall-gtr/voxJoantoni – DrumsJo Wadeson – Bass/BV’sAdam Green – GuitarJoantoni is a wonderful Majorcan drummer who also plays with a band called The Satellites – who are fantastic!23 Feb 2007   Waterats     London7 Mar 2007     Bar Rumba – Noble Jam     london21 Mar 2007   Curious Generation @ Madame JoJos Pete – Maido Project  (Paris, France)Great favourites of both Pete Cogle (PC Podcast) and myself.Mix of electronic music (electronic sounds, loops, samples), vocal and acoustic instruments (Rhodes, saxophone, lute, flutes, percussions,…) Music is lively, positive and colourful. Live performances are with vocal, keyboards, sax, lute, percussions, VJ & dancer. And I want to see them live! Crow Black Chicken – Tequilla Mockingbirds  (New York, USA)A Live recording of the Tequila Mockingbirds (George Fletcher  and Peter Pashoukos) who describe themselves as a "high falutin" acoustic duo specializing in quirky instrumental standards, blues, jazz and classic rock." The duo performs a mix of well known standards such as Moondance, Summertime and Over The Rainbow, as well as the music of Little Walter, Muddy Waters, Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughan. R&B nuggets include Ain’t No Sunshine and Dock of the Bay. You’ll also find The Tequila Mockingbirds trotting out favorites such as Linus and Lucy, My Favorite Things and Greensleeves, though rarely performed the same way twice and never as you remember them.The Tequila Mockingbirds’ debut CD Live at thirteen was released on Dec. 8, 2006.February 16 and 17. Dancing Bears Lounge at the Lake Placid Hilton. Lake Placid, NY. Feb. 23. Dozer"s Bar & Grill, 411 Geyser Road, Ballston Spa, NYFeb. 24. Bailey’s Cafe, 37 Phila Street, corner or Putnam Street, Saratoga Springs, NY.  March 3. Saratoga City Tavern, 19/21 Caroline Street, Saratoga Springs, NY. March 9. Gaffney"s, 16 Caroline Street. Saratoga Springs, NY. Settler – Martin Ansell (UK)Outstanding UK singer songwriter, whose songs have been covered by the likes of Sally Barker and The Poozies and who has toured Europe with Van Morrison, Chris Isaak, Tom Robinson and others, has just released a new solo acoustic album, June Said.Born in Gillingham, Kent, raised on peanut butter and The Beatles, Martin played harmonica on the gravestones of St Mary’s Church until a plastic guitar changed his life at the age of 8. "I fell in love with the acoustic guitar listening to Roy Harper, Nick Drake, Leonard Cohen and all that happy stuff!"In 1986 he was signed by Chris Blackwell to Island Records and his album The Englishman Abroad – produced by Rupert Hine, with guests Howard Jones, Phil Palmer (Dire Straits) and Trevor Morais (drummer with ’60’s legends The Peddlers and later in the ’90’s Underworld) – was first released.New acoustic solo album June Said is available from CD Baby and for download from gigs: Al Lindsey, Debs Warren and Belinda Gillett at The Steamboat, Ipswich tomorrow night (15 Feb).The Amy and Eric show at B2 in Norwich on March 8th. Other UK dates include:7 Mar 2007     Cellars at Eastney     Portsmouth9 Mar 2007     The Store/Cap-A-Pie     Dipton, County Durham10 Mar 2007    The Studio     Hartlepool11 Mar 2007    Bein Inn     Glenfarg, Perthsire12 Mar 2007    The Lemon Tree     Aberdeen13 Mar 2007    The Met     Bury, Lancs.14 Mar 2007    The Spitz     LondonOne kind favour – The Rosinators (London, UK)    FIRST PLAYLondon
(UK)-based trio renowned for their raw, uncompromising mix of
bluegrass, Cajun and gospel country blues and their dynamic three-part
vocal harmonies. Twin-fiddles and acoustic guitar make up their
distinctive sound, augmented with banjo and mandolin.Wed Mar 07  What’s Cookin’ Club, Leytonstone Ex-Servicemens Club, Harvey Road, Off Leytonstone High Road, London, E11 3DBFri Mar 16  The Wicked Wolf, 105 Charterhouse Street, Smithfield Market, London, EC1M 6HW, Life + T shirts  A real collector’s item, they only exist in the virtual world of Second Life, where they are completely FREE for the asking. Look out for "Albert Slade" in Second Life or send him an IM.






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