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It’s rapidly approaching Suffolk ‘n’ Cool’s first anniversary of podcasting (on Feb 1st). By a quirk of fate and problems with broadband it is also show number 50 on 31 Jan.These seem to be times great shifts in the way music is created and distributed. Stories seem to be emerging almost daily of big labels having huge problems adjusting to the new world as we’ve created it. Stuck in old models of signing very few artists and expecting massive returns almost as a right, a "long tail" of musicians is developing who may not sell out huge stadium gigs but who can make a sound living through independent CD and download sales. Podcasting is helping generate the buzz around new music and yet the big labels are hell bent on getting rid of podcasts because they are a distraction from their artists. In fact, podcasters could be part of their solution if they could but stop and think. The UK Podcasters Association used this great pastiche of the old "Home recording is killing music – and it’s illegal" slogan on T-shirts at the recent Podcastcon UK.IntroHappy – Jimmie Bratcherwww.jimmiebratcher.comCraig Hill from Tilting Sky dropped a note a couple of days ago: "you may be aware of the band KOOPA from Essex who have made the top 40 on the strength of download sales only – the 1st unsigned band to do so."BBC News reported:Essex [just south of Suffolk] rock band Koopa have made chart history by becoming the first unsigned band to land a UK top 40 hit.Under new chart rules their download-only single Blag, Steal & Borrow debuted at number 31.Koopa have benefited from a change in chart rules introduce on the 1 January. Before that date an artist needed to release singles on CD or another physical format – and therefore have a record deal – to qualify for the chart.Singer and bassist Joe Murphy told the BBC News website it was all down to their manager and "awesome" fans."Without them we would not have done it," he said.Murphy added that they had been contacted by a number of big record labels, including one who recently turned them down.At the end of last week BBC news also reported that: Alain Levy, chief executive of EMI Music, its recorded music business, is stepping down with immediate effect. In afternoon trade, shares in EMI were down 6.5% at 247.25 pence.EMI Group has issued a profit warning and will cut jobs, including top posts, to try and boost its profitability.The firm said weak sales of major acts would contribute to a fall in revenues of as much as 10% this year.Alain Levy, chief executive of EMI Music, its recorded music business, is stepping down with immediate effect.In afternoon trade, shares in EMI were down 6.5% at 247.25 pence, after the firm also revealed its sales had fallen in the run up to Christmas.EMI said it was facing a "challenging" trading environment and would cut "central overheads" but would not elaborate on how many jobs would go at the business.The music market struggled last year, with retailer HMV recently reporting overall sales down by 13% in the run-up to Christmas. EMI said market conditions continued to be "weak".  Nitro Express – The Gremmies (Maryland, USA)The Gremmies are a band of 3 non-surfers (Tony "Turnip" Leicht on guitars, Rob Baker on Bass and Todd Dring on drums), who just plain love Surf music.They listen to it, learn it, play it, write it, and sometimes even record it.The Gremmies draw on influences as diverse as Johnny Cash and Commander Cody and as traditional as Dick Dale and Los Straitjackets.Saturday, January 27th:  Chick Hall’s Surf Club, 4711 Kenilworth Ave, Bladensburg, MDAn Unsteady Freddie Production! Come shimmy & shake with The Gremmies at their first show of 2007! Also appearing will be rockin’ Surf bands Reverb Galaxy and The Diamondheads. Tickets are available at the door. Don’t miss it!Saturday, February 3rd: Otto’s Shrunken Head, 538 14th St, New YorkUnsteady Freddie’s Surf-Rock Shindig! Featuring 4 reverb-drenched bands. Swing by, and CATCH A WAVE with UNSTEADY FREDDIE…….twang it, and they will come. DJ JANUARY 1963 spins classic surf and instrumental as well as today’s great surf bands all night Tony Kavanagh at the Winelight ClubJust to let you know that our show at Norwich Arts Centre on 6th February will have a change of headline (Nell Bryden has had to cancel her tour) and we have Foy Vance as a replacement, still supported by Jamie Woon and Fiona Bevan, Foy comes very highly rated by Jamie Woon himself. Homebird – Foy Vance (Belfast, N. Ireland)For the uninitiated, Foy Vance is a name to be reckoned with in singer/songwriter circles these days, probably one of the hottest properties around and we are extremely pleased he has agreed to step into the breach. "an unbelievable voice…the premier league of British songwriters"The Sunday Times"As if the spirit of the Blue Nile entered the body of Tom Waits"…Leo Abrahams, Composer/GuitaristFoy has supported some very big acts, Bonnie Rait being but one. Tickets six following night they have the monthly Wine Press gig with Sarah Barton-Keeley (she had to cancel the Jan gig), Theresa Gabriel (Portugal), James Chadwick and Ife. Listener contributions: Ross Patzelt and Martin BakerI am the one – Glorydive (North Carolina, USA)Glorydive plays rock music with electric violin, hand drums, acoustic guitar, and bass guitar. They put this instrument line-up together in the Winter of 2002. Going by the name Taylor Roberts Music and released a five song EP titled Show and Tell (2003) and a full-length album titled This Weather (2004). Now, Taylor Roberts, Brian Tavener and Mark Nippert have released the self-titled Glorydive. Listening rooms, bars, clubs, universities, and amphitheaters alike can only hope to contain the passion and experience of their live performance.Jan 26 The Pour House, Raleigh, – Deidre Rodman (New York)Music composed & performed by pianist Deidre Rodman in all her permutations. Her latest album, "Twin Falls" (Sunnyside), features Steve Swallow on electric bass. "Cobblestone" (Simple Stories, Sunnyside) features Luciana Souza on vox. Deidre’s a Lascivious Biddy, a jazz lover, a spirited songwriter.The Lascivious Biddies are great favourites of mine. Check back to SnC number 003 and 007 to hear tracks.Deidre doesn’t seem to have a site operational yet but the Biddies Note from Josh of SPIVEYWe’ve had several new friend requests on MySpace from the UK and New York as a result of your show, so thank you!  I recently posted "I Bet", the first song from our upcoming ep on our podshow site.  The quality of this track lays to waste everything we’ve previously recorded, and is one of my personal favorites.  Check it out, see what you think, and keep an ear out for the rest of the ep around the end of February.Thanks again,Josh w/SPiVEYKelly Brock releases her first single for the upcoming CD to radio.On Monday January 15, 2007, Vancouver Singer/Songwriter Kelly Brock released her first single, "Cowboy Boots and Levis". Well done SnC listeners we predicted the choice spot on!Mistaken – Nick Cook (UK)        FIRST PLAYNick is a solo performer, gathering a good audience. Acoustic guitar sometimes fiddle. Well crafted songs. Mistaken was the last Album he made and he’s in the progress of making a new one. The working title for this is, "Traveling Man". He hopes to finish it as soon as possible …… but these things take time.www.nick-cook.comUpdate from BBC:Global digital music sales have almost doubled to around $2bn (Ã�£1bn) in 2006, according to an industry report published today.But the rise, which represents 10% of all sales, has not reached the music companies’ "holy grail" of offsetting the fall in CD sales.The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) said digital sales could account for a quarter of all sales worldwide by 2010. The IFPI’s 2007 Digital Music Report said consumers last year downloaded 795 million tracks, up 89% on 2005Despite this overall music sales were down 4% in the first half of 2006.IFPI chairman John Kennedy said: "The pace of transformation in our industry is breathtaking, but at the moment the holy grail is evading us."Pod People – [Munk]  (Boston, USA)Boston based singer/songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalist [Munk]’s music has been featured on TV shows such as The Sopranos, Charmed, Navy NCIS, The Howard Stern Show and more.[Munk] says: "Podcasters – Thanks for making PODPEOPLE the anthem for the revolution!"






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