SnC 043 – Wed 13 Dec 2006


Well, I’m pleased to be with you this week – no, no, really, really pleased to be with you.As you’ll see (right), it’s been an interesting few days. Now I have to sort out a replacement car. It is a real testimony to the strength of the Smart Car that it withstood two fairly hefty impacts (one on each side) which wrote it off but the passenger area was completely intact (apart from broken glass). Psst. Don’t tell the insurance company but the wing mirror glass ended up in my lap – unbroken!Applesauce vs. Sour Cream – The LeeVees (Massachusetts, USA)Name four great Hanukkah songs. OK, then how about two good Chanukkah songs? Not easy, huh?Adam Gardner (Guster) and Dave Schneider (the Zambonis) have taken up the important task of writing a bunch of great, rockin’ Hanukah songs. Yes, every song is about Chanuka. Some say such a concept is a bit obsessive but Adam and Dave prefer the phrase "extremely focused."The new album is called "Hanukkah Rocks" – in stores now!13 Dec 2006      Mo Pitkin’s     New York, NY16 Dec 2006      Congregation B’Nai Israel,  Bridgeport, CT17 Dec 2006      Kinetic Playground / Chicago IL. (Adam & Dave Acoustic)21 Dec 2006      T.T The Bears, Boston, Massachusetts23 Dec 2006      Southpaw / Jeweltide,  Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York Long – Paula Toledo (Vancouver, BC, Canada)I’ve plays quite a few songs by Paula. Every one a gem. If you’ve not checked her website, do it now. Just reading her most recent blog, it seems that there has been a lot of snow in BC recently, enough to take three large limbs of a tree in her yard. It can be quite unsettling but it’s amazing what resiliant organisms trees are. plays – Red Cassette (UK)                      FIRST PLAYI discovered Red Cassette through a sampler CD from The Tilting Sky who support young independent artists here in Suffolk adn neighbouring Norfolk. The track I’d originally wanted to play is not available because it is being released on a compilation CD in the spring but Andrew has some others on his MySpace which are every bit as good. This is one such. Take a look at his MySpace and see if you can guess which other track I first wanted to play.  Dancing with Delores – Giles (UK)GILES are a guitar-led trio based in the North West of England. They have just released their 4th album and regularly tour the whole of Europe. Founded in 2002, GILES are now an established force, both in the UK and abroad.Their mission: put blues back on the map!Thu 21 Dec  The Blues Bar, 4 Montpellier Parade, Harrogate, HG1 5DThttp://www.gilesmusic.comSatisfy me – Glasshouse (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)Dan James – Vocals, GuitarsStew Riddle – Bass, VocalsRaven D. Jones – GuitarsMatt Wedmaier – Drums, VocalsBoasting an individual style that they have fought long and hard to retain as their own – Glasshouse exudes an individuality and imagination that comes from a long hard development and from resisting any bandwagon. they are engaging, sometimes haunting, yet always built around a melodic framework.  You can buy music direct from their website and MySpace.Stew and Dan are flying to Los Angeles this month to finish the album mixing with producer and friend, Roger Sommers. The album is looking to be released later in 2006…so stay tuned for further developments. eyes may wander – Chilli Cold Blood (Austin, Texas, USA)    FIRST PLAYChili Cold Blood released their new record entitled ‘Lips’ on November 30th at Beerland in Austin, TX. This latest record, their 5th to date, is their first true studio album. Making a deliberate step away from their gut-bucket approach and sound, LIPS is by far their heaviest and funkiest recording yet, making more apparent their rock-n-roll influences, most notably, the HEAVY INFLUENCE OF Black Sabbath, while also revealing a nasty new funk. All along the evolution of the band, they have enjoyed and at times dreaded having an utter sense of freedom to take the band any direction they choose. After all, given the odd make-up of the band, there is no precedent to offer guidance, yet that can be a beautiful thing. For having experimented with an array of influences and ideas, taking the band one direction, then another, they have managed to boil it down to a sound that is singular in its blunt lyrics, funky rhythms, and evil riffs. While there may be disputes, CCB stays true to their origins on the new record, with no compromise in the instrumental make-up of the band (i.e. NO BASS).Ethan (CB) Shaw, steel guitar; Doug (Chili D) Strahan, guitar; Matt (Bagpiper) Puryear, drums.






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