SnC 041 – Wed 29 Nov 2006


An exhausting week so far but it’s so good to get stuck into another show. It’s where the buzz is! Indeed the music was interesting enough to attract my producer Artois back to the barn. Quite an achievement considering that she has discovered the joys of sleeping by the Rayburn in the kitchen. Salt Lake City – The Dwarves  (Michigan, USA)Punk rock legends the Dwarves remain one of the most bizarre and misunderstood bands of all time.  Their latest CD The Dwarves Must Die (GREEDY/Sympathy) redefines the limits of the rock album, touching every genre and style from hardcore and pop punk to garage and surf, hip/hop, death metal, noise and beyond.  Their new DD "FEFU" (GREEDY/MVD) features the Suicide Girls and traces the Dwarves long and twisted ride through the dark world of underground music.Born in Illinois in the mid 80’s as a paisley garage band, by 1989 they had morphed into fire breathing California grunge icons, putting Sub/Pop on the map with their seminal "Blood, Guts and Pussy" album.  Performing with many top acts and spanning the globe the Dwarves gained a reputation for live madness and mayhem that follows them to this day.   "The Dwarves are Young and Good Looking" and "The Dwarves Come Clean" released by Epitaph during the 1990s cemented the Dwarves reputation as hardcore heroes while introducing a pop sensibility that both titillated and confounded their fans.  Appearances on television and radio, soundtracks for films and dvds and tours throughout Europe, Japan and the world have warped a whole new generation of Dwarves fans, proving once again that the scum also rises!The website is not for you if you are easily offended by nudity and loud music. It does however offer an entertaining and refreshing variation from the conventional band website.http://thedwarves.comThe Knuckleball Suite – Peter Mulvey (Massachusetts, USA)A live wire on any stage, Wisconsin native Peter Mulvey is an acoustic singer/songwriter/guitarist who, in fact, defies this categorization. His ferocious guitar playing whisks him through more tunings than he has fingers in the course of an evening, as he winds his way from full-throated rockers to deceptively plain-spoken musings. Whether solo or with longtime musical collaborator David "Goody" Goodrich at his side (coaxing unearthly sounds out of electric guitars and mandolins), Mulvey is someone who just naturally commands a stage: "Peter Mulvey is one of the most accomplished guitarists you’re ever likely to hear- utterly original- it is nigh on impossible to explain him to the uninitiated- his intelligent and sometimes complex songs engage both hemispheres of the listener’s brain- one of the finest, most complete entertainers- stunning." – THE IRISH EXAMINERPeter Mulvey’s new album, The Knuckleball Suite  (Signature Sounds) is a collection of   thirteen new songs that aptly display why he has, over the length of his extensive career (this is his ninth solo release) been compared to such heavyweights as Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Randy Newman, and others. Collaborating once again with long-time writing partner and producer David "Goody" Goodrich, the album is vibrant, surprising, and in many ways, like a notch falling perfectly into a groove for a musician with a history as rich and diverse as Mulvey’s.for more information: www.petermulvey.comToujours les memes fetes – Senor Azzad (Paris, France)Discover this talented French artist from Neuilly, Paris. His French rap is very special since he is between rage and trippin" very interesting lyrics in French of course. Un Rap Parisien qui change de ce qu’on connait des themes bien diffrents pas du rap de cite.  The DMAS Christmas Squeeze – Do me a squeeze (Masque Bar, London)Matt Masters heads the line up at this renouned fresh, sharp and funky club night on Friday 8th December. 9pm ’til 2am. $4 for members £5 for non-members. Guest DJ Skeeboy Delish joins resgulars Anna Kist and Si Mac.The charity night raised around £1000 for the charity Task Brazil. Free membership and DMAS info from Brock is asking (very nicely) about which track to put out as a radio single. Take a listen at her MySpace at then let me know,  I’ll be interested to see what you think.  I"ll pass the word on the Kelly.Comments on NoctalucaIf you enjoyed Noctaluca too you should check out where there is loads of Noctaluca goodness including a video interview feature. Good work guys.Vegas heat – Suite 666 (Nevada, USA)The hottest band in the burgeoning Vegas music scene. Suite 666 is melodic demonic bluesy punk rock. Comprised of current and former members of Sin City’s most infamous bands. – The Spindles (California, USA)Sgt. spindle plays pedal steel guitar. Glynda spindle plays an accordion. Sari spindle sings like an angel. Syd spindle plays various drums. Spalding spindle plays bass. All the while, Coalmine spindle is singing and playing an acoustic guitar. Now, reformulated and even better with Wreckin’ ball spindleAnd that’s all the information I can find. We need to know more! Suffolk ‘n’ Cool MySpace is at where those recently played artists with MySpaces of their own are featured in my "best friends". Handy eh?






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