SnC 038 – Wed 8 Nov 2006


The paralysis continues as a result of BT’s stunning collective ineptitude. You really wouldn’t believe the contradictory versions of various "truths" I’ve been fed over the last few weeks whilst we’ve had no phones or internet connection.Of necessity again, this is a relatively short show and even shorter shownotes. My apologies to you for their brevity and to artists for not putting fresh notes and links in. I’m just checking the show as I travel down to London on the 16:08 train from Ipswich and there sound to be a few little glitches in the sound. If you hear them, sorry. Will try harder! Asshole – Jim’s Big EgoTrapped like Rats in Myers Flats – Slow GerkinYellow Bike – Tracy Jane ComerFind somebody –  GoatChaos Theory – Lame DuckEnormous penis – Da Vinci’s NotebookLucky this time – Greg TannenYou can use the search facility here in the shownotes to find the original information about the tracks and links to artists’ sites.Now that I’ve made it to the Apple Store in Regent’s Street, London, I’m enjoying the luxury of a fairly slow broadband connection because there are so many people in here using their laptops. Still, it feels like lightning fast compared with the drudge that is dialup!Catch you next week?Peter






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