SnC 035 – Wed 11 Oct 2006


I’ve been travelling around England a bit over the last couple of weeks mostly by train which is simply wonderful. Great chance to catch up on podcasts. Last week it was Newcastle upon Tyne (pictured is the Sage concert hall in Gatehead, just over the river from Newcastle). Tomorrow it’s Leeds, both Newcastle and Leeds are generally considerred to be in the north of England although the good folks of Newcastle would doubtless contest that. I’m hoping to catch Cara Robinson at the Wardrobe (Café Bar) in Leeds tomorrow night (Thurs Oct 12) come along if you can, it’s a free gig.A change of intro "for one week only". I just couldn’t resist it, and there’s something really wholesome about the lounge bar piano. Less wholesome is the sound on the mic this week. One of the components of the normal rig has failed so I’ve resorted to a USB headset which I normally use for Skype. Hopefully we’ll be up and running properly again next week.Such a lot of great new music for you again. Most of it from the Podsafe Music Network. Intro:Hello, hello, hello – Uncle  Floyd Vivino (New Jersey, USA)Born in Paterson, N.J. October 19, 1951 Uncle Floyd began his career in show business as a child performer, giving piano recitals and appearing as a dancer with Sandra Lee and Jill Davison.He danced at the 1964 World’s Fair in New York and at the Steel Pier in Atlantic City. A surprising juxtaposition is to see Uncle Floyd’s TV show on his website featuring Dee Dee Ramone! Take a look; it’s another world! Plaza – X Ray Dogs (London, UK)The X-Ray Dogs are a virtual band on a mission to take over the world through the medium of sound & vision. Join them in our quest for world domination and help spread the word of The X-Ray Dogs.Jazz Monkey : DrumsKitty : Guitar & VocalsRico : Bass GuitarSupershine : Noises & Vox – Nyasha Munangwa (Zimbabwe and UK)Born in Zimbabwe, Nyasha grew up listening to different Zimbabwean musicians. After a long time of listening to the music of some of the greatest musicians to grace the local music scene he was ready to get into this competitive industry.ln 1999 he formed his group The Dispensation Of Grace. He worked with some of the finest guitarists of their time. These include Fanuel Kwesu and Issack Muteswa the brother to the late Oliver Mtukudzi’s lead guitarist.He released his debut album in 2003 under Gramma Records. The album has got some heavy chimurenga beats. Nyasha is currently working with Zimbabwe All Stars, the group that backs Leonard Zhakata.His music is being marketed in Zimbabwe, South Africa, England, Canada, Germany and America and is available on or www.zimaudio.comThe Secret Life of Willard Scott – Mix Master Mandy (Tennessee, USA)Female Beck in style and humor. Strong Vocals and Queen-esque harmonies. Story telling lyrics similar to Ben Folds. (Very) unique female artist in both personality and musical style and genre. World at your feet – Alistair Artingstall (UK)Alastair was born in Birmingham, some time between Bev Bevan and Duran Duran. Despite persistent rumours, he attended various educational establishments and successfully qualified as an aimless teenager, ending up in a Midlands studio, where he honed his tea-making skills.After a series of re-mix triumphs (Earl Grey and Tetley), he moved to London and discovered a whole new world of coffee. Years of cover gigs led him to managing a rehearsal studio, of which he says: "years of cover gigs led me to managing a rehearsal studio".And thence to playing keyboards for ‘THE FAT LADY SINGS’ where he perfected the art of sleeping in a van and dressing up. A tour of the USA culminated in marriage and the breakup of the ‘FATS’ though, despite his best efforts to concoct a rock and roll story, there was no connection between the two events.The need to put food in the cat bowl drew him back to his TM and FOH engineering roles, and so began a new phase in his life, pushing buttons and boxes for the likes of ASH, 18 WHEELER,THE WANNADIES and JIMI TENOR.The marriage ended after a disagreement over tour support, but led to him getting his guitars back, and as a way of avoiding extensive therapy, writing some songs. Enlisting help from the likes of TIM BRADSHAW (The Fats, Dog’s Eye View, David Gray) and HERBIE FLOWERS (Bowie, Tom Jones, Marc Bolan, Sky, Lou Reed, Clive Dunn, and everybody else) he set about recording what was to become ‘Poet, Servant, Clown or Queen’The subsequent years saw Alastair back in the fray as engineer culminating in 36 months of world travel and shoe buying with KEANE. Meanwhile new songs were written on the road and recording done during the breaks in the touring schedule. Slowly, the album, FOUR LAWN HOPE, took shape and was completed in the summer of 2006.A far more acoustic affair, reflecting his love of artists such as ALISON KRAUSS and MINDY SMITH, it still retains it’s essential Englishness. Imagine Noel Coward playing Bluegrass and you’ll still be wide of the mark!Album release is set for late autumn and live dates, with both the Tea Dance Band and solo, are in the pipeline. out of everything – PC Muñoz (California, USA)pc munoz has been releasing innovative, genre-defying music since 1998. Known for breaking through stylistic boundaries and addressing issues of race, multiculturalism, sexuality, and spirituality, pcm has been profiled by NPR, The San Francisco Chronicle, Electronic Musician, and more.I’m currently busy in the studio, tracking the single series, creating music for a unique new TV show, and producing other artists. "I won’t be touring this year as an artist, but check my Myspace page for special performances and other events": or Muse – Lienka (South Africa)Lienka, the female voice behind the Afrikaans Band – ddisselblom – and has now entered the arena of female solo artists in South Africa with a bang! Her smooth voice and haunting lyrics have elevated her to one of South Africa’s foremost artists. Her debut album – Lienka – is available now ! Day – Sigmon (Georgia, USA)Sigmon’s premiere solo release "One Opens Up" addresses an all-too-noticeable absence of intelligent, world-wise pop music. This thirteen song collection is an engaging piece of work that aspires to re-energize the genre for adults who grew up believing that music needed substance as well as style to be great






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