SnC 034 – Wed 04 Oct 2006


Finally summer seems to have ended with a few cold nights but yet more great skies. Envy of Yvonne in New Zealand who I was talking to this week and for whom spring is underway with months of glorious summer to come.A real mix in number 34 with artists from along a line from The Netherlands to Vancouver. I think this is a show that warrants close listening, there is some subtle and brilliant music in here. Intro: Happy – Jimmie Bratcher (Missouri, USA) was brave today – My Device (Brighton, UK)My Device have a couple of tracks on the PMN and they recently won the The Walkman NME Breaking Bands contest in the UK.Very favourably reviewed by James Jam in the NME see: Tonight it’s their first gig at the Buffalo Bar in London. Upcoming gigs:October4th London13th London14th Guildford28th LondonNovember1st Cheltenham2nd Tamworth28th week I played Erecci – the very Italian punk band. Well, I had an e-mail from them in the week. Here it is in full:Hello I’m Gianluca from "Erreci" (italian rock band). I saw you played our song "Madunina Punk Rock". Do u Know the original version of this song?This is a folk italian song (SUNG IN MILAN SLANG) and it speaks about Milan city viewed by the little gold Madonna on the top of "Duomo".We rearranged this song and we made a punk-rock version of it! What do u think about it? and did you speak or will you speak about us in your show?here our contacts: (our web site) (4 listen our songs and look videos).Tanx and STAY ROCK! ad sorry 4 my bad english!Rock on your heart, groove shakes your soul punk in veins and Metal up your ass friend! GianlucaI think that tells you everything you need to know about why this show is just such a joy to be involved with.Oh my life –  Sunshine Variety Club (London, UK)Awkwardly named Sunshine Variety Club serve up large portions of seriously epic guitar riffs, cool subtle electro synth sounds and charming dis-interested ‘Syd Barrett’ vocals that all lie under a backbeat of drums and dirty bass lines.Neil F on vocals and playing with things, his writing partner Rob J plays electric guitars and a bit of cockney vocals, Bloomers fingers the bass and is in charge of special dance routines, the little Irish wanker Kieron is normally a few sheets to the wind and try’s to play the electric guitar and Neil A hits drums with wooden sticks.Already Loved by DJ’s Steve Lamacq & Eddie Temple Morris. Voice comment from Chris Downing of RhVibe whose tune Backseat Suburban Dreaming I played last week. Chris used the MyChingo button on the Suffolk ‘n’ Cool website. It is there for you to use to have your say.3 ships – Katbite (Netherlands)Katbite is a pop-rock band based in the Netherlands. It began when Kat Leese emigrated to Holland in 2000. The songs are all written by Kat, so the band has a strong singer-songwriter aspect, although there are injections of many elements in the arrangements, from jazz to punk, funk and rock.14-10-2006    Maatschappij, Scheveningen15-10-2006    Lokaal Vredebreuk, Den Haag  Kat solo 19-10-2006    Cafe Briljant, Haarlem Kat solo03-11-2006    Musicon, Den Haag"Currently we’re still really busy editing the recordings of our upcoming album. Finally we’re making some progress. The first tracks have been mastered already, and according to our schedule, we should have it ready by six weeks. Besides that, we have to design the artwork and we have to produce the discs off course. Besides that, we don’t have a title of this cd yet, so send your ideas to:tehnameofthenewalbum@katbitemusic.comThe person who comes up with the best name, wins a copy of the new album (as soon as it is released off course)"http://www.katbitemusic.comOrdinary Heroes – Cats or Cars (Illinois, USA)Band: Daniel Beahm with an ever-changing cast of characters from across these United States (and parts of Europe!)Cats or Cars lives in Champaign, IL, but we are everywhere. Members roam the globe performing in various capacities and performing all sorts of media-based tasks.Trapped in a parallel universe that keeps them constantly in flux between Columbus, OH, Champaign, IL, and Los Angeles, CA, Cats or Cars plays intelligent indie-pop grounded by Midwest roots and infused with all things computer. The result is somewhat hard to pin down and always eclectic.Erika created a dance piece last year about ordinary people being heroes in the every day. It was loosely inspired by people showing their true colors, shining, after The Towers fell; it’s about how you can be a superhero without having to fly or see through walls. It’s a really cool idea and we love it. Dan co-composed the music for the dance piece, and that composition evolved into a Cats or Cars tune first called "Ordinary Heroes" and then changed to "Tall as Justice."Hoping to have the new album out this fall. Ale Mail from: The Three Horseshoes, CharsfieldAles On.Resident Ale:    Adnams Bitter.             3.7%Adams Brewery, Southwold.A well balanced but complex beer with a distinctive sulphurous, hoppy nose. Copper coloured with an introductory bitterness that slowly gives way to a stronger hop presence. A low-key malty sweetness gives a good balance.Guest Ale:  Merlin’s Oak    4.3%Brains, CardiffLate hopped ale, characteristic with autumnal reddish hues, brewed with Maris Otter malt.Ales ComingRed Admiral            4.0%Archers, Swindon.Deep red in colour with outstanding hop character and aroma.EntertainmentDate.              Band.7 Oct 2006     Jam night, folk, blue grass etc. All welcome to join in.Boomers Boogie – Wang Dang Doodle (Montana, USA)One successfully recycled hippie, one spiritualist, three rednecks and a hot chick. (my daughter)Band: "Gorgeous" George Gulli (Bass and vocals)Jim "The Hammer" Hayes ( Lead guitar and vocals)Seth "Stud Puppy" Pogue (Harmonica and vocals)Peter "Jellyroll" Rosten (Rhythm guitar and vocalsLyle "Ringo" Thompson (Drums)Wang Dang Doodle came together with a common purpose…to play some nasty, rockin’ powerhouse blues and have a good time doing it.Benefit dates for MAPS coming up:Oct 14 – Baxter Hotel Ballroom, Bozeman MT Wang Dang Doodle plus The ClintonsOct 21 – Hamilton Fairgrounds, Hamilton MT Wang Dang Doodle plus The Clintons + Joan ZenNov 11 – Miller’s Crossing, Helkena, MT Wang Dang Doodle plus The Clintons boots and Levis – Kelly Brock (Vancouver, BC)Vancouver singer/song-writer, Kelly Brock has been singing, writing songs and performing for well over a decade. For the past ten years, Kelly has been singing with the popular and fun-loving party-band, Dr. Strangelove. Brock also sings back-ups with the popular 80s rock group, LoverboyBrock has produced three commercially and critically successful independent CD recordings- Kelly Brock, So Close and Dirty Dishes on her own label DitY Records- available at cdbaby.com






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