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I was in London just before the weekend for another very late night but
it�s the early mornings that cause the problem! Somehow 23 hours days
don’t seem to be feasible, at least not for a few days in a row!I’ve
been moving from one web host to another over the weekend and it’s
nearly sorted. I’ve yet to find anyone who has had a totally smooth
move. What a frustrating nightmare.Pic – steel sculture on Aldeburgh beach by Maggie Hambling in tribute to Benjamin Brittan. It caused a great fuss among the (not very) local snobs when it was put up. Which is really just as should be, given that Ben ahd created a similar fuss years ago because of his "different" lifestyle.Intro: Happy – Jimmie Bratcher (Missouri, USA) suburban dreaming – RhVibe (New Hampshire, USA)RhVibe (rhythm and vibe into one word), surfacing from one of the most unlikely places not well known for its exciting music scene, has blended a variety of acoustic rhythms and rock hooks into a form music that has begun to turn heads from all over the country.Oct 4    9pm     Plymouth, NH     The Lucky Dog Tavern and GrillOct 21  TBA    Plymouth, NH     XAZ Soroity HouseOct 28  TBA    Plymouth, NH     3A Webster St.You can buy that and a few other tracks as downloads and the CD Waiting Around from their site.http://www.rhvibemusic.comWool –  Jessica L Fenton (New York, USA)Jessica L Fenton, a VCU School of Business graduate, is a dedicated singer-songwriter most interested in creating good, quality alternative- pop- rock music. Unlike many of her colleagues, She writes and records all parts to all of her songs leaving her with the credits of all guitars, bass, piano, vocals and harmonies, drums/drum programming, and hand percussion..Why do it all? Because it’s such a fun, challenging process, and because I can, why not? of your eyes – Tim Blane (Boston, Massachusetts)Tim Blane is a Boston based singer/songwriter. His music has the melodic flow of mainstream pop, the harmonic nuance of jazz, and the lyrical honesty of country. Blane’s sound brings to mind artists like Jason Mraz, Ryan Adams, Peter Gabriel and Lyle Lovett.Amherst College graduate with degrees in music and psychology â�� probably a useful combination! AS if that wasnâ��t enough he did 2 more years at the renowned Berklee College of Music.Before embarking on a solo career, he fronted the Boston band Invisible Downtown for 2 years, recording an album with them. In 2005 Tim recorded his debut album, "In the Meantime" which is available from some stores and on-line details on his site.09/27     Cambridge, MA     Lesley University09/28     Lyndonville, VT     Lyndon State College09/30     Cambridge, MA     NEMO- Club Passim10/05-10/06     Birmingham, AL    NACA Southern Region10/07     Winchester, VA     Rocktoberfest launch party last Thursday in central London. Last week I was looking for a pub in central London. Yea, I know nthere are lots but I was looking for one particular pub, The Phoenix. Before the search I checked a great cafe (recommended by Eve and Jon) just near Oxford Circus – almost a desert as far as reasonable food as affordable prices is concerned – Cafe Lido, on Great Castle Street. To find it, head north from Oxford Circus towards Broadcasting House (home of the BBC) and take first left. Traffic wardens, police officers, hotel doormen â�� I dispair!The Piefinger gig was even better than expected. A goodly crowd of very friendly folks was in and we were treated to some great music both from the band themselves and from Alistair Artingstall who opened the show. We’ll have a track from Alistair next week.Supposed to interview before the show but rather late so â�¦Piefinger interviewMy thanks to the band, Rachel, Jana, Glynne, David and Ben. The â��finger
have just come onto the PMN so I wish them well. The CD Where you might
go is available from their website.Me and not me – Piefinger (London, UK) Mia Bella Madunina – ErreciErreci born in ’02 4a popular italian competition: San Remo rock festival.After 2years of stop, Gianluca & Paolo Roscio check a new drummer, Alessio Gavioli, & a new guitariest, Daniele Butturini.Rock, 4us, is a burning fire in soul. We are searchin’ a Label! Contact us if interested!The band is away on tour in Dresden Germany this week, returning to Italy after the show on Sunday.They have a seven track demo out called Honolulu Arrivo! As well as a demo single. You can get in touch via their site.






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