SnC 031 – Wed 13 Sep 2006


This figurehead above a fish and chip shop in Aldeburgh (on the coast near the barn) lures innocent young men to their apparently inevitable fate – expanding waist-lines.Suffolk ‘n’ stormy tonight. The first thunder we’ve had in weeks and it’s on show-night!Another busy week even without the live music but then, what’s a week without live music? Last Wednesday Steve and Tony presented an excellent evening of music at the Winelight Club. I’ve secured permission to play a non-podsafe track by one of the talented artists who gathered at the Norwich club.Last week mentioned Tommy Twist at the Banham Barrel and promised to try and get a track into this week’s show. Tom has been in touch and it’s all sorted.I want it to – Tommy Twist and the Jive Skeletons and spirits – Allison Crowe updated and significantly upgraded as a free download from apple. I guess they can afford to, having sold so many million iPods, and that�s before this week’s announcement of the new iPod range. It’s either bravery or supreme confidence that allows such successful models to be regularly discontinued and re-invented.La Circiuma de la Drum – RomashkaGypsy music from eastern Europe (Romania, etc.)  Gig coming up with The Gypsy Kings at The Roxy in New York Wednesday saw a super and diverse line-up at the Winelight Club in Norwich including the excellent Tricia McTeague, Alex Hill (from The Clips), Tasmin Warley, Mia Silvas and Jimmy Docherty.I’ve been waiting all week to play you a track from someone who I think should be MUCH more widely known for his music, his innovative guitar work and his huge stage presence. Of course, you’ll appreciate that I simply won’t infringe copyright by playing tracks without permission. Sometimes simple, occasionally more complex but not often requiring translation from a different tongue. Met up with Jimmy Docherty at the gig and sounded him out about playing a track on the show. The email reply reads: hello again..Its jimmy Docherty from the Winelight gig mate, tell me what ye need from me for yer site and yer wish is ma command dude.. cheers, jimmyIn my book that’s what really clear communication is all about. I did then explain about permission so I’m taking the later response to mean "the musician of the first part therein granting, without prejudice authority for me to reproduce in electronic audio form one of his original compositions and to make that available to whosoever may wish to receive it in whichever territories they or their computers may, from time to time, be located." Or as Jimmy put it, "Yeah, defa, go for it dude …" Ah, that’s better!Spacekid – Jimmy Docherty WInelight Club date coming up on Wed 4th October featuring Peter Brame, The Fallen Leaves, Naama Hillman and Kate Skilling. Ã�£2.50 cover charge to cover artists expenses.This WeekThis Friday night at The Music House in Norwich 8:30 slot filled by CruelfolkEarly slots from My Visor who I played on the show a couple of weeks ago, Anne Leech and TakaLate slots from Adam Moore, Faith Porter and John HartSix song set from Marina Florence – Susan GovaliJust listen to this masterful demonstration of confident and beautiful singing. if the notes seem a bit short this week, I had them all done then switched windows on the screen and returned to a nice blank screen again. I’ve re-written them but now I’m chasing the "midnight in Pittsburgh" deadline!Peter






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