SnC 030 – Wed 06 Sep 2006


A really busy week with three days in London and a gig in Norwich. Great fun with the computer – somewhat self-inflicted by my panic! Once again, gigs to report on and gigs to look forward to.
Title music is Happy from Jimmie
Bratcher’s 4th CD titled Red.

Intro: Happy – Jimmie Bratcher (Missouri, USA)

Jimmie Bratcher

Preaching the Gospel and Playing the Blues. Learn more about the Music and Ministry of Jimmie Bratcher!

Last Saturday’s gigThe Tilting Sky festival at Banham Barrel (just into Norfolk) last Saturday organised by the ever energetic Craig Hill aka Tilting Sky.Check the Tilting sky at only caught the evening solo artists: Harry Harris from Wales whose inventive guitar work, articulate songs and passionate voice easily distracted from his (at times) rather introspective stage presence and Lee Gordon whose guitar and voice were somewhat compromised by his evident irritation at a bit of distortion on his guitar through the PA. Then, to the late evening bands: Tommy Twist and the Jive took the place by storm with a twenty minute set that had everyone thoroughly buzzed up. Even before they played a Beatles cover, I was remarking that this must have been alkin to the raw buzz that was created by The Beatles in their early days in Liverpool. We’ll hopefully have a track from them on next week’s show. The Ida Mae Band presented some great playing with the virtuoso guitar of Chris Turpin well to the fore, as were the drums and the bass which was trying really hard to be up there too. The result was something akin to a wall of sound, in which the skills of the players sometimes got rather lost. If you listen to Take back on their MySpace you’ll hear that it sounds really good but you’ll also be able to imagine that with just a bit more distortion it would not work so well. Having said that, some of the guitar work rather reminded me of a young Paul Kossoff. Monroes closed the show with their well arranged, polished and crisply performed songs. Hints of Franz Ferdinand came shining through along with a wealth of other influences. Their attention to detail and tight arrangements made it a compelling performance. A 3 piece band with a big sound and lively stage show. Their nod in the direction of ska put a big smile on everyone’s face.The Clips performed live for the first time at the Banham Barrel on the 1st July this year. Their debut 4 track EP / CD was released at the Tilting Sky festival on Saturday. This week will see the band promoting the EP in Norwich with performances at The Hog in Armour as part of ALL SORTED and a solo set from Alex at The Wine Press and culminating in an instore signing @ Revolution Records with Alex again performing an acoustic set.Veterans – The Clips (Suffolk, UK)Band members:ALEX HILL  lead vocals / guitarHANNAH COTT  keyboardsGEORGE HUME  electric guitarPAUL COUSINS  bass guitarPETE FRASER  drums / percussionWARREN SADIWSKYJ  acoustic guitar / backing vocals’s a shame my binoculars don’t work at night – State shirt (California, USA)A dreamlike trip, with melancholic melodies, haunting vocal effects, ingeniously employed electronics, and even rock-steady beatboxing.According to the website he’s not been very active lately and there are no dates on his website. Of course, it could always be that he’s been really busy and so hasn’t had time to update the website. I wonder which.  You can buy the music direct from his websitehttp://www.stateshirt.netNEWSMusic sales direct from MySpaceAssociated Press reports that will soon enable members to sell downloads of their original music directly through MySpace web pages.The initiative, which is still in a test phase, has the potential to turn millions of computer users, many of them independent or aspiring artists already using the site to build a fan following, into online music retailers."We have a strong belief the next major retailer in music is the consumer themselves," said Terry McBride, chief executive of Canadian label Nettwerk Records, "This is a step in the right direction."Selfish – Silja Nordlindh (Denmark)I played a track by this half-Swedish, half Danish artist a few weeks ago.Silja also sings in a Jazz-trio and, it appears a party band doing mostly covers. If you like the sound on Silja’s voice check out and listen to their version of the Aretha Franklin classic Respect. She’s written and composed the lyrics and music of the songs on the PMN herself and invites you to enjoy, and let her know what you think! Since she doesn’t seem to have a website or a MySpace why not drop me a line and I’ll forward it on to Silja.Sheddin Spruce – Doc Bates (Missouri, USA)Doc Bates Has been a staple of modern country music in the midwest and south for the last ten years. He has chiseled a living out of the backwoods honky-tonks and roadhouses of Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, Okalahoma, and Kansas, and emerged with a brand of country that is all his own. Podcast promo from Hattie. Check: http://babypodcast.ideasdigital.comThe Milky Bar Kid – Catgut (UK)Catgut is a real enigma. A prolific poster of very, very distinctive songs to the Podsafe Music Network and yet, there is virtual no information on the PMN, the Catgut website is minimal except for a link to means of getting hold of Catgut’s 10 track EP. Does anyone know anything? – Do me a Squeeze at The Chapel, Islington, London  9th Sept 8pm ’til 3.30amA fundraiser for Task Brazil, the abandoned street kids of Brazil trust. Just 4 pounds for members and 5 pounds for non-members. The next Do me a Squeeze is in Ibiza on 23rd September – what could be better a bit of sun, DJs Matt Masters, Joe le Groove, Si Mac and Anna Kist. See – 21 againstfrom Llanelli in  South Wales. They’ll be playing Showcase at the Arts Centre in Norwich on 16 Sept. It will be a semi acoustic indie rock set.On this track it’s straight on guitars, loud drums and melodies of the Black Cat showcase event is at: you next week.Peter






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