SnC 026 – Wed 9 Aug 2006


Later than usual. Just got back from a family gathering, partly to celebrate my dad’s birthday so will be relying on the server not thinking that it’s midnight ’til around 5am here in the barn.Manea – The Fens (sky, light, roads don’t go to anywhere, met new relatives including two that I didn’t even know existed until a few weeks ago. Thanks to Roz and Peter for making the trek up from Hastings on the south coast of England.)Title music is Happy from Jimmie Bratcher’s 4th CD titled Red and was produced by Jim Gaines. Jim has produced such greats as Stevie Ray Vaughn and Carlos Santana. Intro: Happy – Jimmie Bratcher (Missouri, USA) Went Out With A Hippy and Now I Love Everyone Except For Her  – Frenzal Rhomb (Australia)From their album Sans Souci (which means "No Worries" in French)Band comprises: Jay (Vocals), Lindsey (Guitar), Gordy – Drums and Tom (Bass)Frenzal Rhomb met in 1994 and became overnight sensations in Australia in just one day! When they weren’t at school, the band would amuse themselves by touring the world with some of the greatest punk bands ever, including Bad Religion, NOFX, Pennywise, and Offspring. Cool looking record company web-site with lots of goodies but woefully out of date; referring to the band being confirmed to tour Taiwan, S. Africa in 2003!I’ll assume that the album is still available from the website on CD at $10 and from iTunes US store. If you’re outside of the USA, you can always change store to gain access. – Shauna Burns (California, USA)Shauna’s sound is fresh and creative evoking the sense that each listener is right there in the studio with her as she sings and performs.August 9, 2006Solo Show ~ Brain Wash San Francisco, CA 1122 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA 94103  (415) 255-4866 August 10, 2006 Solo Show ~ Borders San Rafael, CA 588 Francisco Blvd West, San Rafael, CA 94901 www.shaunaburns.comCarpet – Katbite (Netherlands)Katbite is a pop-rock band based in the Netherlands. It began when Kat Leese emigrated to Holland in 2000. The songs are all written by Kat, so the band has a strong singer-songwriter aspect, although there are injections of many elements in the arrangements, from jazz to punk, funk and rock.Kat Leese – Vocals/guitaristDominic Bellekom b- assplayer/vocalsJeroen van der Zeeuw – drums/vocalsTom Spaapen – Guitar and KeyboardsBoris van der Lek – SaxophoneGigs:12-08-2006    Honkpop, Heerjansdam    Festival with several other bands. Check honkpop.nl13-08-2006    Singer Songwriters Guild, Musicon, The Hague    Together with artist from the guild15-08-2006    Unplugged in Atlantis Alkmaar    accoustic performance14-10-2006    Maatschappij, Scheveningen
Support jeans?If you’re looking for jeans with built-in iPod support, Levi’s has got ’em.RedWire DLX iPod Jeans feature a red cable to connect to your iPod and built-in controls, and…..are carpenter pants. The jeans are expected to be available in the fall for 199.95 Euros – about $250 US.Opening windows – Maido Project (Paris)Played them a few weeks ago2 EPs are available : Safran (from which Galatasaray is taken) and Electric blue : electro jazz with vocal, samples, saxophones, safran : influenced by world music with traditional instruments such as oud (Arabic lute) and ethnic percussions.Recording line-up: Monica Shaka (Vocal) and Pierre Baillot (All instruments, programming, composition & arrangements.) In live performance Monica and Pierre are joined by Olivier Calmel (Rhodes & Programming), Remi Merlet (Percussions), VJ Milosh (Video) and Marina Ligeron (Dance) September, 1 2006 at Divan du Monde – Rue des Marthyrs, Paris, Dance, video and live music. Their EPs are available on iTunes. Just search for Maido. Each EP is available for Ã�£3.16 in the UK, 3.96 euros in France or $3.96 in the USA.Last time I played Maido project, their website wasn’t functioning.
Note from Pierre to say that they now have a MySpace page Straight Key Club – morse code practice podcastWhat’s the message? Site set up by a part-time firefighter in the states. Listen out next week for the translation. Best Behaviour – The Cartwheel Club (London, UK)The Cartwheel Club have been filling venues across the capital for over a year. Driven by a dynamic of sibling rivalry, childhood allegiances and a healthy dissatisfaction with one another’s record collections, the band is eclectic, energetic, and, as the UK public are discovering, They Rock!Line-up:Luke: lead guitar/vocals Thea: vocals Phil: bass Joe: drumsThe sound is distinctly British, and the influences range across the spectrum of English alternative scenes. Despite this commingle, the bands signature tracks remain simple and uncluttered, such as best behaviour, with its double headed vocals and massive rhythm.The original Cartwheel Club is a Phoenix Nights-esque social club on a caravan site in Lincolnshire that served initially as a holiday destination, and later a refuge for songwriting. Avoiding those headonistic nights in Skeg (Skegness, Lincolnshire, UK), here the band were able to hone a contemporary, bluesy edge to the music; with a sound that transcends energy from the record to their shows.Gigs:Aug 18 2006    9:00P    The Purple Turtle    LondonSep 2 2006    3:00A    Kew Fayre        FREE! LondonSep 4 2006    9:15A    93 Feet East    FREE! LondonSep 12 2006    8:30P    The Comedy    LondonThey have a MySpace at: Rockin Harder – Lee Rocker (Illinois, USA)Lee Rocker, the man whose muscular slap bass playing fueled The Stray Cats to the top of the charts, is making some of the strongest music of his career. Rocker, with The Stray Cats, helped reintroduce rockabilly to a mass audience. Now he’s igniting the roots music fire.Rockin Harder is from the album Racin’ the Devil which is a solid slice of Americana, filled with powerful, original songs and amazing musicianship. And when the band performs live, they leave audiences begging for more.Aug 24, 2006        Black Oak Casino    Tuolumne, CA,Aug 25, 2006        Biscuits & Blues    San Francisco, CA,Aug 27, 2006        Commons Beach    Tahoe City, NV,Sep 02, 2006        On the Waterfront Festival    Rockford, IL,Sep 30, 2006        Great Southern Blues & Rockabilly Festival, Narooma, Australia






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