SnC 024 – Wed 26 July 2006


Intro: Happy – Jimmie Bratcher (Missouri, USA) well along. Thundery which seems to have brought out all the flies. 4 Barrel Carb Dual Exhaust P.O.S – Lords of the Highway (Ohio, USA)Lords of the Highway from Cleveland, Ohio have been steering a hellbound rig through the underground scene since 1992. Their patented blend of hillbilly punk rock with a fresh, nutritious surf flavor keeps them from being easily pidgeon-holed. A band to catch live if remotely possible. sky is falling in – Vanilla Kick (Suffolk, UK)Interview with Vanilla Ice as they came off-stage  from their winning performance in the Battle of the Bands at Hachfest 06.The band are all students at Hartesmere High School at Eye in Suffolk. Their show and has all the energy of youth with a musical maturity beyond their years. Keep an eye on these guys.Far too long – Vanilla Orford Bog / George Green’s College Hornpipe – Syzewell Gap (Suffolk, UK)Traditional music (much of it from Suffolk) with a rock undertone.  It reminds you that this was the rock and roll of its originators. That essential good-time spirit is inherent in the music which never fails to put a smile on people’s faces or send their children into squeals of improvised dance. Syzewell Gap have been performing for a long time and yet the music always seems Dime Tilted Manacles – Tangential ColdTangential Cold is artist Kurt Schwind. He plays all the instruments and does all the arrangements. His influences stem from growing up in Detroit MI and listening to early hip-hop alongside classic rock. Tangential Cold resides in St. Louis MO now. His website is worth a look too. link – can download Suffolk ‘n’ Cool to your mobile/cell phone but please check with your service provider what chargers will be!To the fond and enduring memory of Tony Wall.A man who combined radiating warmth and laughter with a passionate, driven eye for perfect design. How sad for those who didn’t share the privilige of knowing Tony. Rather brief notes this week. A few technical difficulties and thunder have causes delays – oh well, next week??Peter






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