SnC 022 – Wed 12 July 2006


Intro: Happy – Jimmie Bratcher toilet seat – well, that’s Cambridge for you!Two sides to love – GoatKnown to all as Goat, Andrew Scott Rosen grew up in Cleveland, the son of baseball great Al Rosen. Goat moved to New York where he managed to secure spots playing with the likes of Nils Lofgren, Will Rambeau, and the legendary Otis Blackwell.After signing a deal with Interscope, Goat released .. July 14 – NxNw w/ Lauren Hart       Philadelphia, PA   10pmJuly 15 – The Knitting Factory – Main Stage    New York, NY   12mid comment from Kimo Watanabe about pronunciation of HaleakaWon’t Let You Down – Kimo Watanabe and Grant BeardsleyKimo Watanabe from Salt Lake City with Grant Beardsley from the county to the north of Suffolk (you guessed,) it’s called Norfolk. I’m hoping to get Grant onto the show in the near future so watch out for a real treat there. I suppose I could always cross the border and do a show from Norfolk but what could we call it? Norfolk n Chance? Suggestions please!Kimo’s music is now for sale on the Podsafe Music Network – just search under Kimo and you’ll be straight there.PC Podcast Contact from Pete Cogle of PC podcast after we played the same tune Galetasary on our shows on the same day – whole string of co-incidences same initials, started a day apart (OK, he got in first), a love of diverse musical styles, he’s into just about anything, from the latest indie rock, through electronic, jazz, folk, and bhangra.Big difference is that he admits that he’s a 16 year old music freak trapped inside a 45 year old’s body. I’m still in denial. Find PC Podcast at fix of amazing beats, counter-beats, syncopation and rim shots from the hugely talented George Hrab from Pensylvania.Pluparenthetical Polka – Geo HrabGeorge Hrab & The Geologic OrchestraFriday, August 4th   MUSIKFEST (Bethlehem, PA) Volksplatz 9:00 – 11:00www.musikfest.orgGet your Geologic fix weekly!The Geologic Radio Hour  – Tuesdays, Midnight to 2:00 a.m.WLVR 91.3 FM in the Lehigh Valley   streaming at www.wlvr.orgGeo says, "It’s a sort of a weekly cafe concert featuring… me. I’ll play tunes in the studio, talk about stuff,have guests, do weird covers, try some call-ins, answer questions…you know, all the things I usually do at a Geologic gig, but over the AIR. Sweet!" Coming later in July on this site: selected podcasts of Geo’s radio show. – Manny’s Music Store NYC – after flying in, the first task was to get some back-line gear sorted out. It was the time of BIG speaker stacks all for instruments except drums. I decided to go for a compact backline to pump through a decent PA and mix it from the front. Of course, at that time we played small gigs so we didn’t need huge PA and often the venue had its own PA (of variable quality) so I just schlepped the backline, drums, piano and guitars. Worked well especially as it was mostly just me and a hired Econoline van. The band personnel at that time were looked after on tour by Benji Foot, who was also based in West London.Amazing that we didn’t loose stuff whilst moving gear in and out of venues. Mike Batlin from Springsteen’s New Jersey crew came out on a few gigs which was excellent. A thoroughly good egg but definitely a Springsteen crew member despite a posting on which claims he was working for Marley at the time. Another post claims that the lineup included Marley and Peter Tosh. I have to tell you that the Barrett brothers (Aston and Carly) were in the band, as was Earl "Wire" Lindo on keyboards and Joe Higgs (replacing Bunny Livingston for the US tour).More about the tour on a future Suffolk n Cool. I really don’t want to sound like an old fart living in the past which I fear I may well. Whether you’d like to hear more or you’d prefer me to shut up – please let me know or an audio comment via the MyChingo button on the shownotes page.  Great that there is a new wave of great talent emerging in the new world of digital recording and distribution. Linda Coogan from Dublin is a prime example.Where I belong – Linda CooganLinda met Eoin in school, formed a band, later came Darren. Gelling really well together, it was obvious they were the guys she wanted for her album. Together a year. Linda is a solo artist with band available at call. Her repotoire can be acoustic or jazzed up.Upcoming gigs at:30 July – The Sunday Roast Sessions, Thoma Reids – 8:00pm04 August – Eamonn Dorans, Dublin – 8:00pm26 August – MB Slattery’s, Dublin – 8:00pm Toledo gig next week:July 21 – Beans on Lonsdale, 1804 Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver, BC at 8:00 pmalso on bill with Jack Harlan played a George Jackson tune (The Daddy) a few weeks ago on SnC 015. Friday Evening – Big George JacksonGeorge is on the Black and Tan label based in the Netherlands who have posted a lot of blues tunes on the PMN. Search under Black and Tan and let me know which tunes you think we should give a push to. Send a nomination (and perhaps a reason why you think it deserves a play) to suffolkandcool@gmail.comBlubrry link –






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