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SnC 021 – Wed 05 July 2006

Suffolk ‘n’ Hot!
Macs not bug-proof after all
Jimmie Bratcher – Happy.

They might be giants – Am I awake? – from EP Indestructible Object
Brooklyn’s They Might Be Giants have cut a crazy and unmatched swath through popular culture during their 20-year career, continuously producing vital and scarily intelligent pop music that’s also catchy and enjoyable art. They have been recognized as art-rock pioneers, college rock kings.

Independence Day
Flying into JFK on 4th July – fireworks
Cambridge fireworks courtesy of the US population in the city. A special Independence day greeting to the US listeners, wherever in the world you are.

Jesta – Independence Day
Jesta aka Bryan Page has been involved in the music for quite a while. He writes, produces and performs some really clever, beautifully produced material.
This witty ditty (full of references to podcasting) is available as a free download from his site. It stands repeated listening and I bet you’ll be humming it too!

Podshow roll-out: Check the possibilities for listeners at www.podshow.com

Adam Curry – our thoughts are with Adam and the family.
Pod Save the Queen = Christina’s own show.

Sarah Albery and the Audio Visual Club – Not going to say please
Girl goes to London for love, gets her heart broken, comes home and buys a guitar. Two years later Sarah Aubrey and the Audio Visual Club is born. One of Australia’s most well known voice over artists, she divides her time between Sydney and Vancouver. A Suffolk ‘n’ Cool FirstPlay

20 of US population over 12 have an MP3 player
Domestic appliance energy drain set to double.
Fuel prices US 2 dollars 92. UK equivalent price per US gallon is just over seven dollars!
DJ’s coding live see this Wired News article: Real DJs code live
Screencasts Online – Don McAllister’s excellent suite of podcasts including the Euromac and Extra! editions. They really are worth subscribing to. Loads of useful information and Don shows you how to do the things you’ll be really glad you know about … if you get what I mean.

The National – Wasp Nest
The National are an anthematic rock band from Brooklyn via Ohio.
The band consists of two sets of brothers, and an old friend from back home. Their first album features many songs about life, water, growing up, women, and women’s clothing. It was recorded before they’d played a sin …  (see what I mean about running out of characters?)

UPS to the rescue
School re-union at King Edward 7th Grammar School, King’s Lynn


Judith Owen – Emily
I think this is the third play for Judith on Suffolk ‘n’ Cool, each thoroughly deserved.

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