SnC 020 – Wed 28 June 2006


Granada – thanks to Rod and Jeanne.
Sunny and warm in Suffolk this morning – here’s the only cloud in the sky!

Jimmie Bratcher – Happy.

Brain Buckit – Run Rabbit / The Chase
Brain Buckit is described as: groovin’, FUNK-ROCK with a unique blend of tasty guitar and horns. While retaining their musical integrity, they produce extremely people friendly, rocking, radio music.
High energy, jams!

Long enough a track to get a coffee – Co-op Italian Blend this week.

Co-op history Rochdale – is it socialism or more like social capitalism fighting the mill owners at their own game now nation-wide society which shares profits among it’s member customers?

John Meed – Spotland Road
The song is set in Roachdale, near Manchester in north-west England. If you’re not familiar with the area, a map will illustrate it nicely!

This Saturday, July 1st, John is playing a pre-festival event in Ely in the run up to the folk weekend itself (which takes place the following weekend). See .
The gig is in the Lamb Hotel, 2 Lynn Road, Ely ( and he’ll be playing the slot between 8 and 9 pm supporting Cave ( ) who sound really good.

The following Tuesday, July 4, he’s playing Kami’s (17 Hills Road, Cambridge). Other performers will be Lightning Jack, Christene Ledoux and Bernard Hoskin.

And the following day, Wednesday July 5, he’s down to play a 15 minute spot at the Acoustic Routes Acoustic Cafe at CB2 in Norfolk Street, Cambridge – also playing will be Pamela Wyn Shannon and Bernard Hoskin. There’s a chance this gig may be postponed as apparently there may be a football match.

Victory for Island Records and Marley family
Universal-Island Records and Bob Marley’s family have won a high profile legal battle in the High Court today. Represented by law firm Eversheds, the record company and the Marley family, challenged a multi-million pound copyright and royalty claim, brought by former Bob Marley and the Wailers bassist Aston Barrett in 2002.
Mr Justice Lewison rejected the claim in full, acknowledging that Aston Barrett and his brother Carlton did not compose the six songs identified in their claim. The High Court found that Mr Barrett and his brother were never parties to Bob Marley’s recording agreements with Island Records (now part of the Universal Group) and therefore were not entitled to any royalty payments.
Commenting on the result, Nicholas Valner, partner at Eversheds LLP, solicitors for the Marley family and Universal-Island Records said:
“We always believed that the claimants had a completely hopeless case and that view has been confirmed by today’s judgment. It is a great pity that Mr Justice Laddie did not strike out this claim when we applied to the court to do so in February 2003. This has resulted in our clients incurring huge wasted costs of almost £1m in having to defend Mr Barrett’s claims.”

How do musicians feel about contributions by band members to songs? Let us know by email, blog commet (link at the end of these notes) or audio comment using the MyChingo link.

Profetas de Zion – Dub Popular
Another Suffolk ‘n’ Cool Firstplay
Very new onto the network so not a lot of information on their bio information.
Based in Brazil.
However, all the information you could want is on the band’s website – so long as you can cope with Portuguese.

MySpace insight from Wired
Murdoch seems to be embracing the concept of user generated content and by all accounts then taking the rights to his companies for resale elsewhere. At least, that’s how it reads.

School reunion in King’s Lynn

The Golden Kissers – Roland Natrowsky Blues
Founded 1992 with the target to stay hidden in the hearts of our fans. This is easily done, when we cross out the last s in the first sentence.

You’ll find the band on the PMN.

Hachfest reminder
22 July at Hacheston near Woodbridge

Veda Park – Gentleman’s Club
Based in Oxford, UK, Veda Park are: Peter Madams, vocals and guitar; James Culling, bass, guitar, keys and backing vocals; Pete Oliver, drums; John West, tenor sax.

Course in Telford – two days of Moodling.

All the artists featured this week can be found on the Podsafe Music Network.

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