SnC 019 – Wed 21 June 2006


Recovering from Granada.
Lots of work so Granada probably was the summer holiday.
Today is mid-summer – happy solstice. Make the most of summer before Wimbledon tennis starts and the rains arrive.
Lots of feedback and contributions this week.

Jimmie Bratcher – Happy.

Chomsky – Fifteen minutes to rock
Chomsky takes the raw energy of 1980’s guitar new wave combined with a harmonic alchemy from beyond the future. Frantic-might guitar, spacious keyvboards, up-front vocals and more than a dash of quirk all come together in a shimmering crush of truly memorable songs for a genuinely listenable experience.
Sorry, I just listened back to the show and realise that I mis-pronounced Chomsky with an unwarrented “r”. Duh!
Check out their website or find them on the PMN.

Feedback from Adam Kroloff of Captain Paradox
“Thanks for playing Television Man” – no, it is the musicians that instigate the content that makes a show worth doing – that’s where the initial thanks are due. As a podcaster I’m dependent on both musicians to create the music and make it available and to you the listener to create a space for the music.

Captain Paradox – The Water
This song illustrates some oif the diversity of Captain Paradox.
Adam says “I was a Sound Designer in Hollywood, I worked on everything from Carrot Tops movie “Chairman of the Board” to kids Anime classic “Sailor Moon”. My proudest moment? Getting paid to make fart noises for both Carrot Top and The HBO show “Arliss”. Check me out on the
Internet Movie Data Base

MySpace copyright problem
Paul Cunningham of Captain Paradox responds to the question about what’s the deal on copyright for bands posting tunes on Myspace?

Class B – Reflection Infection
“CLASS B takes an untraditional approach to live rock by combining bleeding edge technology with all out improvisation. Our sound evolves from hard rock to dancable funk from electronica to psychedelic from abstract to noticably creepy. We try not to suck.”
An almost Jazz vibe to this from Capt Paradox bass man Paul’s “other band”.

Note from Pierre of Maido Project describing Galatasaray.

Judith Owen – Sky High
Any flimsy excuse to play a Judith Owen track will do. This is a very sexy song in an almost subtle way. Judith is joined on this track by Tom Scott.

UFO hacker faces extradition and up to 70- years in prison
According to Wired News a British hacker faces jail after allegedly finding The Disclosures Project – a book with around 400 testimonials from credible UFO witnesses whilst hacking in to NASA computers in 2001/2.
40 year old Gary McKinnoon allegedly achieved control of a NASA computer desktop for long enough to find unfiltered pictures of Building 8 at the Johnson Space Centre which he claims shows non-terrestrial craft – until someone discovered what he was doing and he was cut off.
Arrested by British National Hi Tech Crime Unit in March 2002. Computers seized and hard drive sent to US. Nov 2002 extradition procedures started. UK case dropped because it didn’t affect British computers.
Picked up from the street by Brit police in July 2005 and detained overnight at Belgravia Police Station. Extradition decision being made by Home Secretary John Reid Deadline for representations today may take up to another 11 months to decide about extradition. If extradited he could face a 70 year prison term and fines of up to $2 million.

Long John Thomas and the Duffs – Be cool
Merseybeat revivalists Long John Thomas and the Duffs formed in the Spring of 2004 and have been wreaking havoc on St. Louis ever since. The trio were nominated by The Riverfront Times as “Best New Artists” for 2005, and have finished recording their 1st LP.

All the artists featured this week can be found on the Podsafe Music Network.

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