SnC 018 – Wed 14 June 2006


Just back from Granada (last night) so a slightly shorter show this week but with a curious diversity of music which I hope you’ll enjoy.
It comes from Australia, Salt Lake City, London via New York France and Missouri.
Granada (right)was stunning and so much really good street music. This guy was busking – playing quite brilliant flamenco guitar – next time I’ll take the recording kit!

Jimmie Bratcher – Happy.

As predicted, gloriously hot, still weather after the arrival of the UPS!
I registered Suffolk ‘n’ Cool with this evening and got an error message when I tried to confirm registration. I emailed them and within 15 minutes had a note back to say that they’d dealt with the issue, solved my problem AND corrected a spelling error I had spotted on their site. Oh, if only every podcast service were this efficient and approachable. In fact, whilst I was recording the show I sent a note to say that I was impressed and would give them a mention, and already got a note back to say thanks. OK, now I’m really impressed!
It just shows that what impresses us most is when something goes wrong and someone puts it right quickly – rather more, in fact, than if nothing ever goes wrong!

The Living End – What’s on your radio?
From Melbourne, Australia comes The Living End which comprises:
Chris Cheney (Guitar/Vocals),
Scott Owen (Bass) and
Andy Strachan (Drums).
The band enlisted legendary producer Nick Launay (INXS, Gang of Four, Midnight Oil, Silverchair) for State Of Emergency, the bands fourth full length release.
Check out their website for some good videos and dates for their US tour which starts on July 1.

Kimo Watanabe – Morning in Haleakala Hwy
Kimo is based in Salt Lake City and has become a good friend of Suffolk ‘n’ Cool.
This tune reminds me of some of Michael Chapman’s early guitar work, with excellent percussive effects and do I hear an open tuning?

Hey Gravity – Inside Out has been released, including a limited-edition 7 inch vinyl. HG are one of 14 bands selected to compete for a gig at the upcoming V festival. You can help by giving positive feedback and reviews of live shows at the Road to V forum site.
Check out Hey Gravity’s Myspace at

Myspace copyright problem
What’s the deal on copyright for bands posting tunes on Myspace?

Ben Goodwin – Peace Mango
Ben is based in New York although he is from London. He writes songs about the dream-life of the city and the people in it, and conjures them in vivid colour with a voice that bursts with power and feeling.
Not many gigs coming up due to studio commitments although one date to watch is 14 July at the Sidewalk Cafe in New York.

Maido Project – Galatasaray
A mix of electronic music (electronic sounds, loops, samples), vocal and acoustic instruments such as Rhodes, saxophone, lute, flutes, percussions,… Music is lively, positive and colourful. Sorry – I said cheerful on the show, eyes too tired to read!
They have a show at the Opus Jazz and Soul Club in the 10eme Arrondissment of Paris.
I’ll put the band’s link in here but as of this evening it is simply redirecting to the iTunes Music Store.

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Jimmie Bratcher – Take it back
Jimmie provides Happy the instrumental theme tune for the show. I just love the directness and passion in Jimmie’s voice on this track, along with some great guitar layered over organ, bass and drums – have I missed anything?

Almost all the artists featured this week can be found on the Podsafe Music Network.

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