SnC 016 – Wed 31 May 2006


Music this week from South Africa, LA, New York and New Jersey including another Suffolk ‘n’ Cool FirstPlay.

Jimmie Bratcher – Happy.

Living life on the edge again this week with thunder clouds around and no UPS yet. It should be here today.

Saint Dragon – Star Whores
Punk Emo band from South Africa which has been together since 1997 and under their current line-up for the last 6 years.
Paul Cunha: Vocalist, Lead/Rhythm guitarist
Rory Gillan: Lead/Rhythm guitarist
Dave Roache: Drummer
Justin Cunha: Bassist
The band has a few MP3s for download from their site and are seeking feedback on their tracks.

Suffolk getting smaller
Coastal erosion is really hitting the headlines here in Suffolk with great chunks of the coast falling into the sea. It’s not a new phenomena but it seems to be happening faster. Perhaps the effects of global warming and rising sea levels.
Felixstowe erosion

Judith Owen – Train out of Hollywood
Judith is Welsh but has been based in Southern California for a quite a while. This is eloquent songwriting and beautifully crafted recording at its best.
This track is taken from the 2005 album Lost & Found which features award-winning artists Cassandra Wilson, Keb Mo, Tom Scott and Richard Thompson (with whom I toured in the 70s). The 14-song collection smolders with poignant originals alongside Owen’s unique interpretations of Deep Purple’s “Smoke On The Water”, and the classic “These Things (Remind Me Of You)”. Judith has dates coming up in Hollywood, Philadelphia and Edinburgh. Check her site for details.
I’m really pleased to have this as another Suffolk and Cool “FirstPlay” on the Podsafe Music Network

George Hrab – Ya Famous?
George Hrab is a Pennsylvania based multi-instrumentalist philosopher skeptic who writes, produces and performs original material. George firmly believes that the most direct route to someone’s brain is via their funny bone and dance shoes.
His weekly radio show on Tuesdays from Midnight to 2:00am on WLVR (91.2 FM in the Lehigh Valley) and is streamed at Geo says, “It’s a sort of a weekly cafe concert featuring … me. I’ll play tunes in the studio, talk about stuff, have guests, do weird covers, try some call-ins, answer questions …you know, all the things I usually do at a Geologic gig, but over the AIR. Sweet!”

Google Earth
An update on the black bit near London. Thanks to Tony T – see his comment on S&C 002 for coordinates.

Stacie Rose – Consider Me
She’s a jersey girl, who, not surprisingly gigs regularly in and around NYC. Leaning toward the Suzanne Vega folkie side of Roseanne Cash country or vice versa -The Village (More mature version of Avril Lavigne – Womanrock)
Stacie lists her influences as including Chrissy Hynde, Billy Holliday and Amiee Mann – that’ll do for me!
Shadow and Splendor has 14 tracks – three of which can be heard on her website.

Just check this guy out. See the daily show. Love it or hate it, you’ll have a view.

Lee Coulter – Drool
The other track of Lee’s that was in the balance with Booty Voodoo a couple of weeks ago.
This feels like warm weather music to me. Oh well, one day summer will start – the worry is that it’s only three weeks until mid-summer!
Lee has a new site since last time I played him. Check it out at:

All the artists featured this week can be found on the Podsafe Music Network.

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