SnC 015 – Wed 24 May 2006


A packed show again with a real diversity of styles and locations, from a piano and guitar duo to Chicago Blues and from Alberta, Canada to Paris. We’ve also got another official Suffolk and Cool “firstplay” on the Podsafe Music Network as well as a first podcast play for a band that isn’t even on the PMN yet.
It was a wet and windy Wednesday today (right, between showers). So much so, that with a clap of thunder and flash of lightening, the power went off and I lost the show and most of its resources. Oh well, start again and get that long promised uninterruptible power supply before next week!
Note to Apple: make auto-save possible in Soundtrack just as it is in Final Cut – please.

Just as an experiment I tried an intro tune for the show this week. It’s one of my favourites from the great Jimmie Bratcher – I’ve played a couple of Jimmie’s tunes and hope to be hooking up with him when he’s over in the UK in the autumn. This track is called Happy.

Danielle French – ’til we meet again
This track is taken from Danielle’s third full-length CD, Shadows, which has been described as “beautiful strangeness”. Discovering melodies that are somewhat strange, yet somehow familiar, Danielle cruises through the ether, and the underworld, with artists such as Jane Siberry, Tori Amos and even Tom Waits.
Show dates are easy to find on Danielle’s website – she’s playing some really nice sounding venues.
I just think it’s a great song from a formidable talent.

Sony – update on the Sony spy software problems.
Sony BMG was accused of using copy protection program on CDs that left computers vulnerable to hackers. Fifty-two Sony BMG titles by artists such as The Coral, Alicia Keys, Dido, the Foo Fighters and the Backstreet Boys contained the technology. The second largest record group in the world said it was “pleased” with the settlement that could see them shelling out a lot of cash and free album downloads. Serves then right!

Senor Azzad – Qui je suis
This talented artist is from Neuilly Paris. His french rap is very special since he is between rage and trippin – very interesting lyrics in french of course. Un Rap Parisien qui change de ce qu’on connait des thèmes bien différents pas du rap de cité.
This is his first play on the Podsafe Music Network and it’s a true pleasure to say bienvenue to Sevan.
Another Suffolk and Cool “first play”

Cantrip – Sometimes
A 5-piece band, based in the Nederlands, they comprise Daisy (vocals), Agnes (bass guitar, vocals), Rene (rhythm guitar, vocals), Michel (lead guitar) & Jazper (drums). They’ve been going since 1998 and have three CFDs to their name this track is taken from their most recent release Radionight. Stick with this and pay attention, it grows and grows.
If you can be in or near Schiedam /’ Rotterdam on 3 June you might be fortunate enough to catch them at the Maasboulevardfestival. The link to the festival site is not working as I put the shownotes together but you could try it again at

Make your own mix
David Byrne and Brian Eno have released two track from their 1981 collaboration. The big buzz is that they have released all of the studio tracks that make up each tune so that you can remix, sample and play around with the tracks. If you like what you produce you can even post the result back onto the website for others to listen to.
At last, interactive music and hours of innocent fun! If nothing else, check out the very elegant website.

Not the piano player – It doesn’t mean I don’t love you
‘Not The Piano Player” is fronted by singer songwriter Frances Cavendish on piano and vocals. With Grant Beardsley on guitars, this duo perform their own unique blend of jazz and folk, a hypnotic fusion that invites the listener to explore musical space and provokes an emotional response to their deep and mysterious songs.
Originally formed when Future Primitive split, these two East Anglia based musicians have been getting a great reaction to their latest CD called Difficult Mind.
This is not a PMN tune and is played with the permission of the band – for which thanks Grant. You can find more of their music at:

Big George Jackson – The Daddy
One of whole load of great tracks posted to teh PMN by Black and Tan Records based in Netherlands.
North Minneapolis based Big George Jackson blows a seriously cool harmonica in the finest tradition of Chicago blues and you should hear his voice! There is a review of a live gig at

Almost all the artists featured this week can be found on the Podsafe Music Network. I take back all I said last week about the quality taking a dip as the volume of new music increases!

I’d appreciate any comments on the show or corrections to the shownotes. Just use the email link on this page or click on the Comments button just down here.







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