SnC 014 – Wed 17 May 2006


This week’s fine selection of quirky tunes comes from San Francisco, London, the West Midlands, Los Angeles and West Virginia.

Shankin’ Pickle – Thick Ass Stout
Something of a legend, SF based Shankin Pickle maintain the fine tradition of ska. A legend, apparently without a website – if you know of one, perhaps you’ll let me know either by email (there’s a link on the right of this page) or by putting a comment on the shownotes (just click the comments button at the bottom of the notes for this show). This track is from an album available from Mike Park at the proud and outstanding Asian Man Records.

Maison du Cafe Simply the coffee I’m drinking this week. I get it when I pop over to France to restock the “cellar”. If you listen to Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code, you’ll get the link between burping and coffee

Piefinger – Plans
London based Piefinger have a couple of EPs out and are trying really hard to get their album finished. The news is that the first Piefinger album ‘Where you might go’ is on track for an early July launch and will feature 13 tracks of full band sound, including percussion and lush string sections.
They have an interesting deal with listeners on their website. Pre-buy the CD at a discounted price and you’ll get a credit in the liner notes.
Beautiful harmonies and a glorious recording make this a delight to listen to.

PMN – So much music! It’s quite right that the Podshow should apply no quality controls at their end. It really is up to podcasters and listeners to decide what they, personally, think is good. The alternative is that someone else makes the decision and we get the bland dull and homogonised crap that infests so much of radio.

Paisley Riot – Crackerjack Store
I played Devil only knows a few weeks ago and have been itching to play this one ever since.
The band have gigs coming up throughout the length and breadth of the West Midlands and one (free) on 28th May at the Cavern Club in Liverpool – almost where The Beatles played some of their early gigs.

Miggs – Maybe
I played a full band track from Miggs a couple of weeks ago. This acoustic version of Maybe is just stunning. You can also hear it on their website player. I was checking it out whilst doing some work during the week and left it repeating for over an hour. It works like an extended loop – magic.

Peacock or peahen?
Was I hallucinating? Probably… Naturewatch continues with mention of the tadpoles (that’s what the picture is about!).

Inger Darden – A little too eager
Very little that I can find out about Inger Darden – these are their bio notes from the Podsafe Music Network:
John Rowland – Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist
Edgar Sandoval – Violinist Extraordinaire

We make pretty sounds.
That’s it. If you know more, please let me know. Even the website link from PMN is not working.

Noise Pollution Podcast
The only other podcast to have played Inger Darden – a kindred spirit? You might like to check out Henk’s beautifully engineered podcast from the Nederlands / Holland.

The Woodshedders – The one

I just love this stuff – sounds effortless but I bet it isn’t!
West Virginia’s finest.

Almost all the artists featured this week can be found on the Podsafe Music Network. They may not be the only source of podsafe music for us to play but they sure as hell have kick-started the whole shebang.

I’d appreciate any comments on the show or corrections to the shownotes. Just use the email link on this page or click on the Comments button just down here.







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