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SnC 012 – Wed 3 May 2006

Music this week from Sweden, New Jersey, California and Japan

Jet Vicious – Gasoline on Fire
A first podcast play for this band from Lidkoping in Sweden. Very little is known about them other than that they comprise:
Robert Granli – Vocals
Martin Henningsson – Drums
Linkan – Bass
Mikael Rogbrant – Guitar
Mikael Sahlin – Guitar

Only one gig is listed currently:
Jun 3 2006 Solkult Festivalen 2006 Lidkoping
That’s it and all about it! If you know more – please let me know – via email or use the comments button at the end of this shownote.


Britcasters meet-up Beer and beer with Adam Curry, Ron Bloom and Kris Jacob from Podshow inc. hanging out with a great bunch of podcasters. Amazing pioneering spirit and everyone helping each other. If you can imagine 50 people who spend their days talking or thinking about talking you’ll realise that it really wasn’t like a Quaker meeting! There are some photos on Flikr at the Britcaster tag (click here)
Don McAllister runs Screencasts Online and the Euro Mac podcast – he’s doing really well through great content and being a really nice guy. He recently gave up his day job to focus on podcasting. I’m sure there will be a few doubts in his mind for a while but take it from someone who has been freelance for the last 20 years, “Risk is the toll you pay for leaving the land of predictable misery”. Go Don!
Also met up with Bryan Page aka Jesta who created the modern classic Me my music and my iDog

Katy Pfaffl – Take it slow

Pfaffl rhymes with waffle! 🙂 Katy recorded and released her first album Katy Pfaffl in New York City, followed soon after by her second album As She Stands released in 2003. Katy can be seen performing regularly throughout Manhattan/NJ/LA as well as within the college circuit. The band comprises:
Katy Pfaffl – lead vox, piano, guitar
Sean Dixon – drums
Orlando Marin – bass

Currently listed gigs include:
May 6 2006 Small World Coffee Princeton, NJ
May 12 2006 The Living Room New York, NY
May 13 2006 The Grist Mill Cafe Andover, NJ
May 31 2006 Crash Mansion New York, NY
Jun 10 2006 Small World Coffee Princeton, NJ
Jun 22 2006 The Knitting Factory Tap Bar New York, NY
Jun 30 2006 Blu Seed Studios Saranac Lake, NY
Jul 7 2006 The Living Room New York, NY
Jul 8 2006 Small World Coffee Princeton, NJ
Jul 28 2006 Cafe Arabica Morristown, NJ
Jul 29 2006 The Living Room New York, NY
Aug 12 2006 Small World Coffee Princeton, NJ


Busy week London (Picasso Cafe, King’s Road, Chelsea)

Millenium Point, Birmingham – Surprisingly few pictures available but take a look at the interactive floor plan at Millenium Point

Miggs – Suddenly Wonderful
John Meed recommended this one – a good find John. Miggs have just finished a serious spring tour.
They have a comprehensive site so take a look at it for details of CD purchases, gig dates, etc.

Gokee Qwateto – Bad Writer
There is virtually nothing to be found on the band’s website or in their PMN listing. If you know anything more, please drop me a line at suffolkandcool@googlemail.com
The limited PMN note points out a similarity with Dan Hicks and his Hot Licks who have been producing fine many years.
Gokee Qwateto at PMN

Loads that there wasn’t time to fit in again. There seems to be more and more music on PMN and other sources and so little time to sift through it.

Don’t forget that Frappr Map!


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