SnC 010 – Wed 12 April 2006


Music this week from Boston, North-west England and Missouri with a bit of a rant from your esteemed presenter!

Edie Carey – Chemistry
Hailing from Georgia, Edie Carey is now Boston-based although her work takes her all over the states and, this weekend to the Caribbean islands.
Edie has a deserved reputation as a songwriter who produces songs insightful songs that are mercifully free of the mawkish sentimentality which puts me right off.

Performing Songwriter called her latest release, When I Was Made, “a lovely, shimmering, heart-felt record”; Harp Magazine proclaimed it “bare of self-pity and full of down-to-earth revelation”; Paste declared it “vulnerable and pleasing…rich with humanity and insight,” and Country Music Weekly gave it “****(four stars).”
Upcoming dates include:
Apr 15 Olivia Grand Caribbean Cruise15
Apr 26 Cazenovia College, Fort Lauderdale, FL
May 4 Drew University, Madison, NJ
May 6 North Country Community College, Saranac Lake, NY
May 11 Firehouse Gallery, Berlington, VT
May 12 Acoustic Coffee, Portland, ME
May 13 Capitol Grounds, Montpelier, VT

Spring seems to be here at last.
Dumbed down news services in the UK.

Jim’s Big Ego – Support the truth
Having spent most of last year producing an album called Pearl for Dave Crossland, Jim Infantino has recently been touring with Jim’s Big Ego throughout the north-western states.
“What a beautiful, friendly part of the country. Somehow, people out there know us, know our songs, and they came out and had a blast.”
The only date showing on the band’s website is at the delightfully names Lizard Lounge in Cambridge MA on June 17.

Who can criticise our parents / our government, etc.

GILES – Letter to Bush
GILES (AKA The Giles Experience) are a guitar-led trio based in the North West of England. They have just released their 4th album and regularly tour the whole of Europe. Their first gigs in the States are scheduled for this year too.
Founder and frontman Mark Koehorst is the driving force behind GILES. He is originally from Holland and writes all the original material for the band.
Piet Koehorst is an extremely talented all-round musician. He plays lead guitar in his own band PAiL. He also plays drums for various other young bands.
Terry Shaughnessy is a very powerful drummer, having toured extensively with Feel and The Space Alligators all around Europe. Terry is also a singer/songwriter in his own right and to date has released 3 excellent CDs.
The band are off to France and Luxembourg later this week. Full gig details are on their website.
This is another first play on Suffolk and Cool. GILES are a valuable addition to the Podsafe Music Network.

So many tunes, so much to get through to find the good stuff.
Lack of podsafe non-western music wouldn’t it be a great way of making real connections and building bridges between continents and cultures?
Do you know of music that should be played? Have you got a view of the music or the shows?

Jimmie Bratcher – Bad Religion
Jimmie has been on the show before when his beautiful song Restless for the Sun was featured. This time it’s the more straight-on blues feel to Bad Religion which opens his fourth CD Red that captures the attention.
The album is available as a download from iTunes or from Jimmie’s site.
Jimmie manages to very successfully combine his musical career with another (although he might say they are very firmly linked) as a preacher.
“Whether you find him on Saturday night or Sunday morning, The Rev. Jimmie Bratcher will be dishing out heart pounding blues and riffs.”
Jimmie and I were hoping to get together whilst he has been in the UK over the last ten days but this has proved impossible. He’s back later this year so we’ll definitely get something happening then.







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