SnC 009 – Wed 5 April 2006


Music from Hawaii (via Salt Lake City), California, Germany and Great Yarmouth (near Norway). Plus a location interview with Justine and Anna of UK-based indie rockers Hey Gravity!

Kimo Watanabe – Pauoa Valley
Kimo Watanabe currently resides in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he uses his musical skill to perpetuate ki ho’alu guitar. In addition to ki ho’alu, Kimo plays 6 string uke and acoustic guitar to produce some kick back island music with an indie feel.
Kimo described Pauoa Valley on 12 March as “a song I wrote last week on uke. This one is about . . . Pauoa Valley right outside of Honolulu. I put this one together last week and recorded it today.”
Now I’d often be a bit worried by a description like that but to me this song works like a dream, with no production, no effects, no nothing but a simple instrument and a bucket load of feeling.

Kimo Watanabe

Unsteady – Tokyo
A band from Mike Park’s Asian Man label in California.
Traditional ska influenced by jazz, funk, Latin, and reggae, with excellent musicianship and a terrific live show. They have an album on Asian Man: AM-017 “Double or Nothing” on CD/LP.
Other than that, I don’t know a lot about them. If you have more information I’d be very pleased to hear from you.

My Flint – My Ghosts
I think the band describe themselves perfectly well; “See us on stage to get the feeling of an amazing rock show! We love to heat the amps with finest highschool punkrock!”
Upcoming gigs include:
07.04.2006 – Indoorfestival – Herzogenaurach
22.04.2006 – Spring Rock Benefits 06 – Weissach info
30.04.2006 – KEMÖF Festival – Erlangen (E-Werk) info
13.05.2006 – Loud Croud Open Air – Langenzenn info
16.06.2006 – Haßfelden Open Air – Haßfelden
22.07.2006 – Playground Open-Air – Nennslingen
05.08.2006 – Welcome Goodbye Summer Open-Air – Rübenau
Now, if you are not a German speaker, perhaps you’ll understand my difficulty. Do look out for the Dress em all feature on the website – hours of almost innocent fun.

Hey Gravity
A special feature on my current favourite band. I went to see them on Tuesday in London and couldn’t have asked to meet a more entertaining bunch of individuals.
Anna and Justine talk a bit about the history of the band and pay a personal tribute to the late John Peel who encouraged and promoted the band. They also give some insights into the challenges of being a working indie band today and demonstrate the necessary single mindedness.
Justine did a very good job of pointing out that the interviewer was talking “bollocks” – as indeed he was!
The interview is topped and tailed by a couple of PMN songs that I’ve played before: Risen and the forthcoming single Inside Out

Hello, and well done to Dave in Blackpool for proving that the Frappr Map on the main website works! How ’bout you put yourself on too – it would be great to know roughly where you are! If you don’t want to commit to that, an email just to let me know would be really good.






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