SnC 008 – Wednesday 29 March 2006


A more diverse selection of music this week.

Elizabeth Lohninger – Beneath your surface
Austrian vocalist Elizabeth Lohninger has been causing quite a stir since moving to New York City in 1994 and teaming up with pianist Walter Fischbacher to co-found the duo Perfect Roommates. This collaboration resulted in a CD called Austrian Lied Good and concerts at American and European Jazz Festivals.
Elizabeth also scores music for film and TV.
With her latest project titled Beneath Your Surface she returns to her jazz roots, from her own perspective, with lots of rhythm, passion and complete authenticity.
The CD features Walter Fischbacher on piano, Steve Doyle on bass and Hari Ganglberger on drums.

Elizabeth Lohninger

Lame Duck – Chaos Theory
I’ve had this on my playlist for some time and last week gave the perfect opportunity to air it – as a part of an audio-comment / promo tentatively sent to Adam Curry at Daily Source Code. Less than 3 hours later it was on his show.
A confession – I sent the clip to a few friends and one of them, Melvin, who works at a college played it, loud, on his desktop PC – in a room populated by librarians. A few eyebrows were raised rather a long way!
Lame Duck are a trio based in Espoo, Finland specialising in high-energy rock songs with a punk attitude. The band formed in 2004 and are having a great time giging – I think their music should be heard more widely. I hope the credit they got on the DSC (and Adam’s reaction) has done them some good.

The Woodshedders – Two roads
The Woodshedders, a.k.a The Hot Club of West Virginia, is an acoustic Hot Club *Gypsy Jazz style quintet consisting of Dwayne Brooke, Ryan Mayo, Chance McCoy, Stuart Orser, and Fiddlin’ Dave VanDeventer.
They play a mixture of gypsy and american jazz folk songs and standards, as well as like inspired original songs and compositions. The Woodshedders deliver up the hot sounds of Acoustic Gypsy Jazz with verve and enthusiasm.
Their first CD Some Live Tunes is available from their website at $13 in shipping (but check the price if you’re outside the USA).


The Detonators – Rain, Rain
To my shame this is the first out and out blues track that I’ve played on the show in 8 weeks.
The Detonators are comprised of Martin Martin on bass & vocals, Sean Aumack on guitar, Pat Gustoso on keys and Uncle Louie on drums.
Based in New Jersey, they keep pretty busy with gigs around the state. April sees them playing:
7th Gaslight Brewery – South Orange NJ
14th Orange Lantern – Paramus NJ
15th Thirsty Toad – Lodi NJ
21st PJ Ryan’s – Jersey City NJ
28th Irish American – Kearny NJ
Their website is well worth a look.

Wailers and Springsteen at Max’s
It was a long time ago but a week to remember. I was the Wailers’ roadie / sound mixer / driver/ etc. at the time and it was the band’s first date in New York.
It was only after the word got out after the first night that the crowds really started to cram in. That upstairs room was humming. Well, the electricity supply on the stage was humming, I lost count of the shocks I got!
It was a great week and the roadies all mucked in together. In fact, one of the Springsteen crew (of two), Mike Batlin, came out on a few Wailers gigs. It would be good to catch up with Mike.

Buju Banton – No more misty days
Something of a legend, who has not always enjoyed the best of publicity, Buju Banton is renowned for his gravely vocals and fusions of traditional roots rock, contemporary R&B and dancehall DJing.
On this track from his 2000 album Unchained Spirit on Epitaph he is joined by punk rock compadres Rancid.

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