SnC 006 – Wed 15th March 2006


A mix of musical styles from Rome, Wisconsin, New York, London and a couple of atrists based in and around Boston, MA.

Skinge – Tre D
Rome based band Skinge formed in 1999 and seem to play most of their live shows around the Rome area.
You know, there’s something quite attractive about the idea of getting a £20 flight from the UK just to go to a gig and hang out for a day or two.

Roma …
It was a very long time ago (1974) that I was working with Traffic when we were attacked by the riot police in Rome. Now, I’m not really one to bear a grudge so I think I have to get back to Italy again soon.

Artists you think should be on the show.
I really don’t want to break anyone’s copyright. So, if the tune is not on the Podsafe Music Network, I just need a written authorisation to play a track.
To get the ball rolling, just send your suggestions by email to suffolkandcool

Tracy Jane Comer – Yellow Bike
A native of North Carolina now based in Madison, Wisconsin, Tracy Jane Comer is a real find. She is a multi-instrumentalist and award-winning singer/songwriter, presenting multi-flavored acoustic originals. She earned nominations for both BEST ACOUSTIC ARTIST and BEST ACOUSTIC ALBUM by Madison Area Music Awards in 2004 and 2005. Whilst not wanting to put those awards down, I’m sure we’ll hear a lot more of Tracy Jane Comer. Her voice is delicious and believe me, this song deserves repeated listens. If you like what you hear, get on over to her website and place an early order for the CDs before everyone’s after them.

Edie Carey – Under a sky
Boston-based Edie Carey has been on my playlist for a while. With her warm, graceful voice and her knack for cutting “into a subject…with a diamond-edged blade,” Edie Carey grabs hold of her audiences and doesn’t let go until she steps off the stage. Although based in Boston, she travels far and wide as you’ll see from the Tourdates section on her website.
Edie has recently started recording a new album with producer Crit Harmon.

Jim’s Big Ego – Asshole
One of those wonderfully off-the-wall, quirky bands that are certainly not going all-out for mainstream radio plays!
The only upcoming date on their website is for this Saturday (18th March) at The Amazing Things Arts Center at Framingham, MA

Their most recent album, They’re Everywhere features characteristically witty, elegant songs delivered in a deceptively simple style. Good stuff.

Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros – Johnny Appleseed
A legend of the UK music scene, it’s great to see Joe Strummer showing up on the POdcsafe Music Network along with a whole load of other Epitaph artists

Joe Strummer’s site can be found at

Do me a Squeeze – Launch night
By all accounts the launch night went really, really well, putting Do me a squeeze well and truely on the map of the London club night scene.






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