S’n’C 002 – Wed 8th Feb 2006


A windy night in Suffolk (obviously to blame for the screwed levels on the original post!) – sorry.
Featuring some great music:

Greg Tannen "Lucky This Time" Besides a flood of wins in international song-writing competitions (John Lennon, UNISONG, USA, ISC), and in festivals (Sierra Songwriters, Telluride, Rocky Mountain Folks), Greg Tannen’s music can be heard on national TV, on national radio, and in award-winning films. And he’s still indie.
Greg is based in New York City.


Man Bites Dog "Don’t swim"
This song really appealed in much the same way as that old Springsteen line about "Momma says don’t look into the sights of the sun. Oh but Momma, that’s where the fun is."
Precious little I can find about Man Bites Dog except that they are based in Australia. Mark Van Veen – vocals, Ernie Van Veen – almost everything else plus Ross Goddard – acoustic guitar. The album is available from CD Baby at: Man Bites Dog

If you are (or know any more about) Man Bites Dog, let me know.

Google Earth black holes – I don’t know whether the black bits on Google Earth are a cynical censorship job, gaps in the available images or the result of mistakes.
There’s one right next to the M4 in west London at 51 29’48N 0 20’33W (You can just copy and paste that reference into the search box in Google Earth.)
Whatever the reason I feel we have a social responsibility to plug the gaps in human knowledge by telling all.
If you know what’s under the black plastic sheeting let me know and we’ll compile a page. If you set a pushpin, give it a name and email it to suffolkandcool@googlemail.com along with a description and any suggestions as to why it’s blanked out, that would be really cool.
By the way, the flying car is next to the car park near at: 32 00’43"S 115 47’E

Jesta "Me, My Music and my iDog" Bryan Page is the guy that is Jesta. Bryan has been working in recording studios in the U.K. since the late 1980’s as an engineer, producer, singer and musician. Now at last he has found the time to come up with some of his own music with a little help from his friends.
This track refers to the iDog – an awfully "cute" and "entertaining" animated speaker for the iPod. No, I’m not going to encourage you, you’ll have to Google it! Jesta This link was OK a couple of days ago but seems a bit intermittent.






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