The music sharing habits of Twitter users

Serendip’s infographic claims to show which cities share the most music links via Twitter.

Lauren Dugan at All Twitter reported on research carried out by social music service Serendip into the music tweeting habits of 2 million Twitter users by examining 114 million tweets sent over a six month period to June 2012.

To be totally clear, this is not about file sharing (legal or otherwise) it is about tweeted links to music posted on YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud and Bandcamp. Serendiop is collects all tweets that connect to music. That explains the huge m=number of tweets collected (along with the identity of the sender.

They chose to analyse the data by city and have presented the outcomes in an infographic that compares the raw numbers of shares between cities and also which artists were most frequently linked in tweets from each city.

Londoners (according to All Twitter) appear to be the most prolific music link sharers with just under 900,000 tweets in six months. Sao Paulo notched up just over 750,000 and Istanbul 530,000. When you factor in the metropolitan populations of the cities listed, Londoners tweeted 64  music links per 1000 people, Sao Paulo 38 and Istanbul 40 but Madrid was well up there with 53 posts per 1000 and Bogota with 49. One of the biggest surprises of my back of an envelope analysis is that New Yorkers tweeted only 24 music links per 1000.

I don’t know what passes for entertainment in Tokyo but they come way down at the bottom of my ranking at just 9 tweets per 1000 residents!

I used population figures from Wikipedia but I can’t vouch for the validity of the data from Serendip. Indeed it seems rather a coincidence that, according to their infographic, Rio, Tokyo and Mexico City each had 225,898 music tweets in the same six month period.

Lies, damned lies and statistics eh?

Take a look at the complete infographic anyway, it mines the data in a few interesting ways.








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