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SnC 014 – Wed 17 May 2006

This week’s fine selection of quirky tunes comes from San Francisco, London, the West Midlands, Los Angeles and West Virginia.
Shankin’ Pickle – Thick Ass Stout
Something of a legend, SF based Shankin Pickle maintain the fine tradition of ska. A legend, apparently without a …

SnC 013 – Wed 10 May 2006

Music this week from The UK, Australia via San Diego and Madison, Wisconsin.
Update from nearly 5 years into the future! I’ve been asked to point out that this show contains uncharacteristically strong language which you may want to avoid. I’ve changed the rating tag on …

SnC 012 – Wed 3 May 2006

Music this week from Sweden, New Jersey, California and Japan
Jet Vicious – Gasoline on Fire
A first podcast play for this band from Lidkoping in Sweden. Very little is known about them other than that they comprise:
Robert Granli – Vocals
Martin Henningsson – Drums
Linkan – Bass
Mikael Rogbrant …

SnC 011 – Fri 21 April 2006

Music this week from Northern Ireland, Pennsylvania, San Diego and Vancouver.
The Lingus – No Wonder
The first Irish band I’ve had the opportunity to play.
To quote from their website: The Lingus are a 3-piece rock band whose latest EP was released in March 2005 to critical …

SnC 010 – Wed 12 April 2006

Music this week from Boston, North-west England and Missouri with a bit of a rant from your esteemed presenter!
Edie Carey – Chemistry
Hailing from Georgia, Edie Carey is now Boston-based although her work takes her all over the states and, this weekend to the Caribbean islands.
Edie …

SnC 009 – Wed 5 April 2006

Music from Hawaii (via Salt Lake City), California, Germany and Great Yarmouth (near Norway). Plus a location interview with Justine and Anna of UK-based indie rockers Hey Gravity!
Kimo Watanabe – Pauoa Valley
Kimo Watanabe currently resides in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he uses his musical …

SnC 008 – Wednesday 29 March 2006

A more diverse selection of music this week.
Elizabeth Lohninger – Beneath your surface
Austrian vocalist Elizabeth Lohninger has been causing quite a stir since moving to New York City in 1994 and teaming up with pianist Walter Fischbacher to co-found the duo Perfect Roommates. This collaboration …

SnC 007 – Wed 22 March 2006

Bouncing back with a lively selection of tunes from northern California, Vancouver, New York and Alabama.
Slow Gherkin – Trapped like a rat in Myers Flat
Slow Gherkin have been knocking around since their 1994 debut. The current Santa Cruz based line-up is James Rickman (vocals …

SnC 006 – Wed 15th March 2006

A mix of musical styles from Rome, Wisconsin, New York, London and a couple of atrists based in and around Boston, MA.
Skinge – Tre D
Rome based band Skinge formed in 1999 and seem to play most of their live shows around the Rome area.
You …

S’n’C 005 – Wed 1st March 2006

A mix of musical styles from Brazil, New York, London and Virginia plus a special feature on Lowestoft based singer/songwriter John Ward.
Two apologies
Firstly for the delay in posing this show. The good people at Libsyn who web-host Suffolk ‘n’ Cool have had some awful technical …

S’n’C 004 – Thu 23rd Feb 2006

An upbeat but still eclectic selection of tunes from: Hey Gravity, Paisley Riot, Geoff Smith, Beatrice Ericsson, John Ward and Jesta.
Hey Gravity! – Risen
Two girl / three boy dynamic UK based guitar band fronted by electric chanteuse / singer Justine Berry. The have great …

S’n’C 003 – Tue 14th Feb 2006

A bit of a variation for this show and not just because it’s an enhanced podcast. You should see pictures in iTunes (with clickable links) and on the new generation iPod
A Valentine selection of laid back tunes for a lazy Sunday morning – in fact, …

S’n’C 002 – Wed 8th Feb 2006

A windy night in Suffolk (obviously to blame for the screwed levels on the original post!) – sorry.
Featuring some great music:
Greg Tannen "Lucky This Time" Besides a flood of wins in international song-writing competitions (John Lennon, UNISONG, USA, ISC), and in festivals (Sierra Songwriters, …

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